How It Works

As a professional 3rd Party, Profta provides actionable feedback via comprehensive review and verification for your pre-launch or currently launched Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign.

Increase Confidence

77% of online consumers purchase a product after reading a review. Profta provides direct and honest reviews for the rewards based crowdfunding industry.

Add Credibility

With a visible review and/or verification on your campaign and social media page from a professional 3rd party, potential backers can feel more condifent and may be more likely to back your idea.

Through an outside perspective, a Profta Certification creates an extra level of credibility for the potential backer to see. Backers, with more confidence, may be more likely to back your idea.

Here's what you get:

  • Score of Product/Campaign
  • Insight Into How to Improve Current Campaign
  • Comprehensive Review of Product and Campaign
  • 3rd Party Reference for Backers
  • Profta Certification (Helping Add Credibility to Your Campaign)
  • Posted Product Review on (Optional)

This initial cost covers everything on the list.


This fee is only charged if the current campaign meets the fundraising goals. If these goals are not met, $200 is the only cost required, no questions.

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