How It Works

As a professional 3rd Party, we provide a verification and review for crowdfunding campaigns.


77% of online consumers purchase a product after reading a review. We provide reviews for crowdfunding to give you more confidence in backing.


Look for the Profta Review Score on campaign pages to be certain the campaign has been reviewed.

A Profta Score on a campaign page creates an extra level of credibility for you to know more about the campaign.

Here's how we help you decide:

  • Score of Product/Campaign
  • Insight Into The Overall Campaign
  • Comparison of Claims vs Realities
  • 3rd Party Reference for You to Know We Have Reviewed It Ahead of You
  • We Add Our Overall Thoughts In the Bottom Line
  • Post the Review on
No Cost

We believe in the possibilities of any campaign, and we believe that a review of each campaign should be open information.

If you have questions on a certain crowdfunding project, please submit a project below and we will look into it.

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