Smart Buckle

SMART BUCKLE - Convert any watch in to a smartwatch. Add the latest wearable activity tracker and smartwatch technology simply by replacing the clasp on your traditional watch strap. Smart Buckle uses miniaturized technology in its compact wearable clasp allowing it to go unnoticed while it tracks your activity and sleep patterns.

Entry Level Cost: $39.00


Hello Coding

Coding is not as hard as you think. Feeling stuck in life? Maybe you're working three jobs to make ends meet. I'm sure you've heard how much developers make these days … Want to get in on that action? We at Mammoth Interactive are excited to launch our course series 'Hello Coding: Anyone can learn to code.' This series has five levels that take you through a holistic curriculum of development. In Hello Coding, students learn web, app, game, and Artificial Intelligence development.

Entry Level Cost: $39.00



The compact AuricSound S7 unveils astonishing layers of detail in music, opening up the soundstage, improving instrument separation, and propelling rhythm with irresistible energy. Hear your favorite songs as if for the first time, and get fresh insight on the music you love. There’s Twin ESS SABRE® Reference 32bit ES9028Q2M 768kHz DSD512 22.5/24.5MHz DACs and amps offer balanced output. The AuricSound S7 will satisfy anyone who loves music, and those who are curious to hear just how good their headphones can sound.

Entry Level Cost: $164.00



Get repetitive tasks done with just a single button press Everyday we spend so much time at work in doing mundane, repetitive tasks. Wouldn't it be great if you could use technology to take care of these quickly and efficiently? With the goButton, you can! Here are just a few things you can do with a single button-press, and save yourself hours of time each week, all while having fun with a really cool product!

Entry Level Cost: $29.00


DUO Travel

The DUO Travel is for hobbyists who want a device to program on-the-go, and is completely programmable without any external peripherals.

Entry Level Cost: $10.00


Tayogo Force Conduction

A waterproof bluetooth headset with a built in mp3(stores up to 8GB) and FM player that uses a bone conduction technology so you can listen to music while also being aware of the outside world.

Entry Level Cost: $69.00



Ever wonder what happens in your brain when you listen to music? The answer is synchrony. This is what enables us to hear the beat, recognize rhythmic patterns, and dance to music. Synchrony™ is the only LED controller that uses a state-of-the-art neural network that synchronizes its internal rhythms to the rhythms of music so that it can hear music the way people do. In a way, it enables you to visualize what is happening in your brain when you listen to music.

Entry Level Cost: $99.00



THE WORLD'S MOST IMMERSIVE 3D EARPHONES FIT FOR YOU iNova combines ground-breaking patented technology with an outer-ear vibration transmitter to send a unique pattern of sound waves through all parts of the ear for clear, rich, and true 3D immersive sound. Experience sounds like never before. Experience the big game while at the office or the excitement of the concert while cleaning the dishes. Make every listening moment as good as being "there" live!

Entry Level Cost: $40.00


Handmade Durable Headphones with Controls & Microphone

Hello, my name is Randy May, creator of Double Tap Audio. Our company was successfully funded via a small kickstarter campaign for our Double Tap R1 headphones. Since then, we have had lots of requests to make a set of headphones with the same quality of our R1, but with an inline microphone and controls. We have worked for months on designing and prototyping an inline system that would hold up to our high standards of durability, along with keeping the headphones comfortable and reliable. We are very proud to introduce our newest headphones, the Double Tap R1M. Keeping with the original idea of the R1, the R1M's are made tough. Built from real brass bullet casings and custom made billet aluminum parts, our R1M’s have a solid premium feel without sacrificing durability. Our R1 and R1M's share the same high-quality, multi-layer cord. This cord is made from a protective nylon sheath and flexible silicone wire. This allows the nylon sheath to take most of strain and stress while the silicone wire floats freely inside. This combination of materials also allows our cord to out last and withstand more than most other cords on the market. The cord is also tangle-resistant, so no more dealing with a tangled mess every time you want to use your headphones. Also, every set comes with magnetic-backed earphones to allow for clean storage, or you can use this to hang the headphones around your neck when they're not in use.

Entry Level Cost: $55.00


RDS Drum Samples and Loops Product Launch

I'm Ron DiSilvestro a Drummer, Studio Engineer & Producer with 20+ years of experience. RDS Drum Samples and Loops was created when I wanted better sounding Drum Samples and Loops with more flexibility. Years later, I have accumulated hundreds of amazing sounding Drum Samples and Loops that I want to bring to the home recording enthusiast, all the way to the seasoned pro. I wanted to create a product that was not only versatile, but easy to use and never compromising on the providing the highest quality product.

Entry Level Cost: $5.00



Every so often, an invention comes along that sells itself. “This makes so much sense,” customers will say. “Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?” That’s what we expected to hear when we told the world about the next step in do-it-yourself security: The TOVNET Light Bulb Security Camera. What if we told you anyone could install a full-featured, remotely operated security system in their home, office, garage, back yard or shed just by flipping a switch? That was our vision for our new security technology. We set out to design a device that would combine all the best features of an LED bulb and an independent wireless security camera and we like to think we’ve succeeded.

Entry Level Cost: $110.00


Tamaggo 360 Live Camera

Tamaggo 360LiveCam is a unique 360° technology perfectly designed in a beautiful egg-shaped object. Inspired by the Swiss manufacturing, we believe high technology shall meet perfect aesthetics to create iconic products. The Tamaggo 360LiveCam egg-shape design was crafted to fit ergonomically into any hand. Its one-click user friendliness makes capturing 360 photos and videos spontaneous, truly immersing the viewer into the action. Additionally, its sleek iconic design integrates a self-standing ring, so you don’t need to keep it in your hand. Simply place the Tamaggo 360LiveCam down and let it capture the whole scene while you live in the moment, letting others share in real-time from afar.

Entry Level Cost: $299.00


SP-2810- 8x10 Film Processing System

The SP-2810 will process two sheets of 8x10 or 4 sheets of 5x7 sheet film in two liters of chemistry. It sounds simple. Just take the SP-445 and make it bigger! Not so fast. Things don't usually scale up that easily and this is no exception. To put it in perspective, the steel mold for the SP-445 tank (just the tank) weighs around 485 lbs; the mold for the SP-2810 tank is expected to tip the scales at 3000 lbs. This is a much more complicated project.

Entry Level Cost: $117.00


Light Anchor

Light Anchor was invented out of necessity 7 years ago at my small portrait studio in Holland Ohio. Light and reflector stands are cumbersome to carry around and asking parents and friends to hold reflectors gets old real quick! I needed a quick way to stabilize and move reflectors exactly where I needed them and not worrying about wind etc. With the money raised we plan to move Light Anchors back into production and move forward with marketing/trade shows etc. I truly feel in today's environment many pros do not have extra money to pay for assistants or the ability to haul around heavy sand bags to keep stand in place. Light Anchor is a simple idea but also a revolutionary one.

Entry Level Cost: $35.00



Keelcrab Sail One is made with the 4 rules of Italian design : beautiful to see, easy to use, simple to mantain, lasting in time! Chek out Keelcrab Sail One! The revolutionary underwater drone for the care of your hull....

Entry Level Cost: $1,847.70



Ever since I can remember, the "tracks" in the toilet bowl after use have been not only unhygienic but also unavoidable. The necessary removal of the "tracks" with a toilet brush and the consequences of doing so are, however, even much more unsanitary: splatters, drops, soiled brushes and brush holders, nasty odours, bacterial and germ growth. In search of a solution, we addressed this "problem" to friends, relatives and acquaintances. No solution - everyone seems to have the same problem. It’s a well-known fact that faecal matter contains dangerous (even life-threatening) bacteria and germs. For this reason we were looking to save our children, other people and ourselves from the risk of infection. Hygiene is an indispensable method of protection. Before we started using the WC-Stick, we did own a toilet brush, however this was reserved for guests and after each visit (if they used it) we disposed of it and bought a new one. It was time to really do something. Somewhere out there on the Internet you should certainly be able buy something like a "disposable toilet brush" to solve the problem indefinitely. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find anything that met our expectations. All we could find were the so-called bristle-free toilet brushes, which ALL still create the same unhygienic problems - to this day - and that is the direct contact with faeces. A non-stick coating doesn’t change anything about this fact either. The results are always the same. The used brush stands/hangs next to the toilet, and contact, especially the part of the brush that is used to remove faeces, is always avoided with disgust (and logically so), even if it has been treated with a non-stick coating. That’s when we came up with the WC-Stick.

Entry Level Cost: $17.00


The Oscilloscope Clock V

The OSC4.4 version of the oscilloscope clock has several improvements in the hardware & firmware. The most significant change is the capability to add a GPS module to the pc board, which makes it possible to set the time & date automatically and to use the one pulse per second output from the module as a time base instead of the line frequency. It's also possible to use an external 1PPS TTL signal as a time base. Other improvements include several changes in the design for easier component placement and changes to the firmware to make it possible to select the GPS autoset and time zone.

Entry Level Cost: $45.00


Bean 3D Printer

The Bean 3D printer from Kudo3D is a high resolution, affordable, and reliable resin SLA printer created with the consumer in mind. With consumers in mind, we determined that the new printer must be compact and stylish. The green cover was designed to make it easier to be blended into an everyday environment. In line with the theme "green," the Bean's light source is made from LEDs, resulting in a greener energy consumption and longer lifetime. The two edges were rounded off to reflect the shape of a bean. In the end, we dubbed the printer the "Bean" to reflect the compactness and greenish qualities of the printer. (Internally, we nicknamed it Green Bean!) To bring the cost down, we combine our PSP technology with an ultra-high resolution LCD panel. With this came the birth of Kudo3D's Bean 3D printer.

Entry Level Cost: $399.00


Shapeheart Armband

Shapeheart is the most convenient system ever created to exercise with your smartphone. Our durable armband offers: a smoother running experience with a magnetic phone case that lets you easily access your apps while running smarter training with accurate heart rate measurement that lets you personalize your sessions according to your own personal goals

Entry Level Cost: $64.00



We invented an alternative to the uncomfortable and cumbersome headstrap mount used for GoPros and action cameras. We wanted to make filming hands-free and capturing that epic moment as easy as popping on a hat!

Entry Level Cost: $32.00