CIO is a battery-free bike light, designed to meet the demands of modern transportation and developed to be self-powered in the simplest way possible.

Entry Level Cost: $42.00



AIMA is your virtual Career Coach with Artificial Intelligence. You will never feel like you are missing out on career opportunities again. AIMA matches and easily finds the job that you will love. Let the jobs find you! At any time, AIMA will show you in one overview new job opportunities based on your talent, skills and soon, also based on personality.

Entry Level Cost: $6.00


Babyzalert App

The statistics are scary. According to Department of Meteorology & Climate Science San Jose State University, the number of U.S. heatstroke deaths of children left in cars from 1998 to the present, JUST IN THE USA, is 702. Total number of U.S. heatstroke deaths of children left in cars, 2016 is 39 Average number of U.S. child heatstroke fatalities per year since 1998 is 37 An examination of media reports about the 700 child vehicular heatstroke deaths for a 19-year period (1998 through 2017) shows the following circumstances: 54% - child "forgotten" by caregiver (376 Children) 28% - child playing in unattended vehicle (198) 17% - child intentionally left in vehicle by adult (120) 1% - circumstances unknown (6) Demographics of Persons Responsible for Heatstroke Deaths of Children Forgotten in Vehicles AGES The children that have died from vehicular heatstroke in the United States (1998-2016) have ranged in age from 5 days to 14 years. More than half of the deaths are children under 2 years of age. These are avoidable deaths and activation of this simple reminder app will remind drivers when they exit the vehicle that there is a baby on board.

Entry Level Cost: $10.00



Quill is an easy-to-use application on IOS that enables students to shorten the time needed for homework and comprehension by summarizing their readings into coherent bullet points and key facts.

Entry Level Cost: $1.00


The Volleyball Machine

Practice makes perfect. Watching my daughter's team practice, I quickly realized that the girls who had siblings who also played volleyball to practice with, improved at a MUCH higher rate than the other members of the team. The ability to hit hundreds of balls a day, to practice passing and setting with another player for hours outside of regularly scheduled team practice, was a huge advantage. I immediately went looking for a practice machine - they have them for baseball, tennis, and other sports; there must be one for volleyball! And there were. The machines I found were expensive. They were very limited in their capabilities. And the ones that offered more capability were even MORE expensive! There wasn't a high quality, versatile volleyball practice machine at a reasonable price on the market. So I decided to make one! Before getting to this point and launching this campaign, months were spent building various prototypes using different mechanisms to launch the balls. Getting it right meant not only getting the power to achieve the correct height and distance ranges, but duplicating the "feel" - the speed, spin, and lay, of a hand-set or hand-passed volleyball in play. The pneumatic arm-and-hammer design I landed on works far better in this capacity than electric motors or actuators, air cannons, spinning wheels, or direct impingement pneumatic rams. I wanted to add features while keeping the cost low. Adding Bluetooth music was a no-brainer! The ability to fire the ball on-panel or by wireless remote. Height and angle adjustment at the touch of a button - and also by remote! A reliable ball feeding mechanism that wouldn't bind or jam. Battery operation with long life for hours of practice (and music!) without difficulty. And it has to be light enough for a 12 year old girl to move around safely and easily - even over sand. And that's what I've built. I hope you like it!

Entry Level Cost: $599.00


MappTrek Mobile Application

Mapptrek is a New, Exciting spatial social networking App designed to enable its users to share information and events using a geospatial platform while integrating other social media data. With Mapptrek, you can keep track of all the places you have been by organizing them on a spatial timeline. You can now store pictures, videos, posts, and more within a location on your customizable map utilizing a Geocaching application on your smart phone. The data will maintain spatial integrity. You can view other friend's maps and see where people are "trekking" It is an ideal tool for people with active lifestyles, especially people with followers. You can share future events, upcoming shows, and past scores at competitions. By simply clicking on a geotagged event all the relevant information becomes available. You can easily upload and share your treks and compare your maps with others. With Mapptrek there is no more sifting through piles of tabular data in a linear feed of lost posts, everything is laid out in front of you. We are leading the way in the spatial revolution. At Mapptrek it is our number one goal to provide a robust interactive platform, which is both intuitive and dynamic. We feel that every person has a story to tell and needs a our platform to store and share their memories. Mapptrek is the future of social networking.

Entry Level Cost: $500.00



It is nothing less than a revolutionary step in digitization, in which, in particular, the expansion of our perception by the fusion of the virtual and the real world is the focus. To do so, do the following: Create a virtual message and place it over the camera of your smartphone like a notepad anywhere in the real world, such as your desktop, your favorite restaurant, or the Eiffel Tower. Depending on your personal setting, your friends, or any other person in the world, it is possible to discover, read, comment, share and share this virtual message with the help of your own smartphone. This was the basic idea, Which I had a few weeks ago and who started the stone for this project. What started as an innovative idea for an augmented reality messenger began to take on a bigger dimension when I thought. The more I worked on the arenger, the more I became aware of the fact that this is a whole new kind of social network that is about to happen. It is a project that is difficult to grasp at the moment, but I am convinced that the arenger will be like a bomb and a revolution for social networks, provided that it is realized sensibly We will let them know, and even push many old social networks out of their top positions. The basic principle is thus already clear, the Arenger is intended to encourage the users to write their virtual messages all over the world and leave them almost anywhere in the world. Furthermore, the Arenger is supposed to make the users go with their smartphones on a discovery trip. The users can find public contributions or contributions from their friends, Such as liken, comment, etc. The Arenger gives users a completely new way to find new friends. Something special here will be the possibility to share contributions. This and many other very thought-out features, such as an efficient method of bringing people closer to cultural goods, especially youth, A completely new market for advertisers and product placement as well as one or other innovative gaming elements and much more await you with the arenger. The best thing is, it is already technically possible today to realize this. The only thing I do not need to develop and realize this project is the necessary "small money". With your help the arenger can become a reality. I count on you.

Entry Level Cost: $6.00


Progressive Overload

Many people often get discouraged from going to the gym when they do not see their hard work paying off on the scale or mirror. This app will be created to help encourage and motivate individuals from a different aspect. This App will easily track all of your workouts with the weight and number of repetitions you do per exercise. By doing so it will ensure that you continue to push yourself and track your added strength overtime. This in turn will help motivate individuals to keep going to the gym by seeing their progress displayed on graphs/charts to see their progression over time. My goal for this App is to motivate individuals to not give up on their fitness goals and give them motivation through a different approach which in turn will transfer to results in the long run that you will be able to see physically.

Entry Level Cost: $20.00


Remind My Sweatheart

"Remind my Sweetheart is a multipurpose alarm reminder app that you can set up to help remind a forgetful partner, family member, or friend from your phone to set to their phone. Let us say you husband/wife has a important meeting but can ve tad forgetful of the time from you phone you will be able to set up a reminder notification and tgen send the notification to you significant others phone."

Entry Level Cost: $15.00


Enny (1)

Introducing Enny GO & Enny HOME the lightweight, expandable, compact, modular and cutest solar system.

Entry Level Cost: $221.00


Different Dating

I am raising funds to complete and launch a new web based dating application. A large part of the design and technical build is complete and this campaign will fund the final stages of the launch process.

Entry Level Cost: $6.00



A coding toy for girls and boys aged 3 and up. It takes coding off the screen, and into the real world with a programming language you can touch.

Entry Level Cost: $195.00



The history of projection is filled with innovations for transporting images through light – from magic lanterns, cinematographs, and slide projectors to modern 4k projectors. And yet, projection still has limits, such as high cost, material fragility, high energy consumption, and bulky size. Plus, digital image quality is significantly lower compared to analogue. And regardless of all the technological progress, projection is still geared towards watching videos indoors, ignoring the imaginative possibilities of outdoor projection. VISIO has been created to overcome all these limits, and to bring still projection out of the shadow of animated projection.

Entry Level Cost: $245.00


Strawbees Hovercraft

The Strawbees modular Hovercraft kit is the ultimate toy and science experience that hovers across land and sea at over 25 miles per hour (~40 km/h). Create your own spectacular design and race with your friends and family! One is fun, two are great, and four on a tricky track that you have built is the most fun thing you can do!

Entry Level Cost: $129.00



BIKI is the world's first bionic underwater drone that is also the only underwater robot featuring automated balance, obstacle avoidance, and return to base. By supporting a 4K camera, BIKI presents you with the best view from underwater. BIKI, the smallest but strongest. Through this intelligent robot fish, you can visualize the underwater world from a completely new perspective. BIKI is not only an almighty underwater drone but also a robot pet full of emotions. Now, just tell BIKI what you want to do!

Entry Level Cost: $599.00



The Flex-Eboard is an Electric Longboard with Interchangeable Rough Stuff Wheels and a Fully Flexible Deck for the Smoothest Ride.

Entry Level Cost: $832.00



Study after study has shown that meditation is one of the best methods for dealing with the rigors and challenges caused by our chaotic, distracted world. A wide variety of different meditation forms and techniques have been practiced for centuries, and meditation has acquired many different meanings over the years. We believe that all methods of meditation can be beneficial. However, many people do find traditional methods hard to learn and challenging to maintain.

Entry Level Cost: $179.00


SmartCaptain App

Can you imagine winning a piece of the Powerball Jackpot? Take a second and really imagine all those extra zeros in your bank account! Millions around the country have started a new trend called lottery pools. It’s simple: you create a group to buy tickets together and it increases your odds of winning. It’s fun, social and if any tickets in the group win, you all share the prize. In fact, an office pool of 20 co-workers in Tennessee just won $420 Million Powerball Jackpot recently! Whether you are new to lottery pools or just tired of doing them manually with your friends, SmartCaptain is for you. SmartCaptain takes care of everything and is error free. You and your friends won’t have to worry about collecting payments, losing tickets, mishandling money, or distributing the payouts. SmartCaptain does the work for you -- so you can sit back, socialize, and win money.

Entry Level Cost: $15.00



Based on the success of our previous project - Wireless HMI , we felt that there is a need to promote not just the product but how to build projects using our product. Therefore, we have built this toolkit. The toolkit includes the necessary hardware, code and guide to build these projects. A color printed guide book, published by Nanomesher, is included.

Entry Level Cost: $30.00



TACTYK Blade Pocket knives are awesome and we love carrying our well crafted knives. Just thinking about the craftsmanship that went into making the knife makes us feel great carrying the piece of art. However, pocket knives can get bulky and uncomfortable for an everyday carry. And sometimes they give a negative vibe to people around us who do not understand the concept of carrying a pocket knife. At only 2.25" high and .3" thick Blade is small enough to seamlessly be an everyday carry knife. Although small, Blade has the cutting capabilities of a full sized pocket knife to open all your amazon packages and even fulfill your occasional urges of turning a piece of wood into a spear. Concealed in a compact tactical key-shaped body machined from solid Titanium, or 7075-T6 or 6061-T6 Aluminum, Blade has the same tactical feel and craftsmanship that of a well made pocket knife.

Entry Level Cost: $29.00


AnyTouch Blue (3rd)

For global marketing It is very difficult for small start-up companies to create new products and promote them to global markets. If a company is cost-effective or has global presence, it's easy, but there's a lot of risk for small start-ups. Kickstarter is a very large and reputable site, and there are supporters who are interested in the products of the start-up company. If small start-up companies can get the support and interest of their sponsors, it will be a great help for them to succeed. Securing funds for product mass production and future product development Kick starter supports funding based on the trust of our sponsors. These funds can be used as sales forecasts for products and as promotional material for start-up companies. And funds from sponsors will help start-up companies produce products reliably and research / develop next products.

Entry Level Cost: $17.00



EarStudio is the world’s first and only 24bit Bluetooth receiver designed to deliver studio-quality sound through your ears WIRELESS - using your existing wired headphones, earphones or even speakers.

Entry Level Cost: $49.00



Tertill is a solar-powered and weatherproof robot that weeds your garden every day. With Tertill, gardeners can now enjoy weed-free vegetable and flower gardens, without the monotony and frustration of weeding. Organic gardeners can breathe easy and enjoy a weed-free, chemical-free garden all season long. Created by roboticist Joe Jones – inventor of the Roomba – Franklin Robotics’ Tertill is designed to live in your garden and take care of the weeding, come rain or shine.

Entry Level Cost: $249.00


Radical MOOV

Even before they were exploding, existing hoverboards didn’t satisfy our need for a premium, self-balancing scooter that was fun to ride. We designed MOOV from the ground up with the priority of buying safe and reliable parts from America. We’re proud to say that our product is designed and hand-built here in the USA. We control every aspect of product quality to ensure the highest level of safety and reliability. Our engineers inspect and test every battery and board that leaves our facility in Dallas. Starting with UL Certification, the MOOV will be fully compliant and tested to the highest hoverboard standard, UL2272, as well as the Department of Transportation’s battery-specific standard, UN38.3. So you can rest easy that this board is safe, reliable, and most of all fun.

Entry Level Cost: $1,199.00