Introducing the World's thinnest and lightest iPhone battery case with wireless charging.

Entry Level Cost: $42.00


Argus (Canceled)

When driving, don’t you often get frustrated by the blind spots that cannot be fully reflected by vehicle’s rearview mirror when changing lanes or backing up? Especially when the car is packed with passengers or cargos, the driver’s view is often hindered and the rearview mirror seems to be obsolete? Even worse, when there is a child or dog behind the vehicle, the rearview mirror simply cannot see them and thus cause irretrievable grief? Argus had heard your voice and decided to develop a revolutionary “full-screen display mirror” to solve this nearly century issue! This hybrid rearview mirror system is designed to eliminate the blind spots of any traditional rearview mirror, displaying real-time images captured by the rear camera, providing full and wide-angle views of the back of vehicle.

Entry Level Cost: $299.00



Introducing ORION360 a compact, powerful 360° speaker system for multi-directional, HI-DEF audio that sounds larger than the source (120 watts) with a built-in advanced Gesture control technology (GTEK) that will simply blow your mind! Free of any buttons or confusing controls, you can instruct ORION360 to Play, Pause, Skip track, Control volume and even attend incoming phone calls by just swiping your finger! Just incorporate gestures into your dance moves! (Like KINECT for Music system) Unlike many other portable Bluetooth speakers, it uses a smart contactless charging plate, so you can literally grab it and go! Welcome to the Future!

Entry Level Cost: $136.00


Mag ICreatum

3D printers are amazing. Unfortunately, they used to be hulking, complicated, expensive, and with limited functions. We’ve been hearing about and experiencing the pain of setting up the difficult-to-use DIY 3D printer kit and being limited by the standard plug-and-play 3D printer. We are hoping to change that. So we came up with an idea: create an all-metal 3D printer, which is easy-to-use for beginners, expandable for makers, and truly affordable for everyone. That’s why we designed Mag Creator to be all-metal and all-in-one. With so many 3D printer options, it can be difficult to decide on the right model. Luckily, MAG Creator makes the choice easy by combining 3D printing, CNC carving, laser engraving, and more modular functions. It is the only 3D printer you will ever need – for work or at home.

Entry Level Cost: $113.00


Dive with Portable Lungs

GET READY TO DIVE • Turn the valve to 120psi and just breath, an on demand flow of air is then released form the regulator allowing you to dive hands free 15-20 minutes • A special collapsible high pressure hand pump very simply to use (just like a bicycle pump) can fill the entire tank anywhere you are a Carrying case for pump is included! •Cross-body bag ensures tight universal comfortable wear just clip on and dive. • I designed this to be simple and ready to go! just take it along with you and dive.

Entry Level Cost: $395.00



Our Bondic® journey started with Dr. Tom, a dentist in Germany. One day a patient asked if he could take some of the dental bonding material home and borrow a spare UV light to try something he was working on. When the patient came back and asked for a few gallons of the material Dr. Tom was stunned. “I mean that’s 10 dentists, 10 lifetimes worth of material; what on earth can he need so much of it for and if he needs it I wonder how many other people in the world can use something like this!” And that is the true origin of Bondic®. Turns out this person used it under a microscope to attach wires to a microchip. So that journey turned into a 3 year endeavor to create Bondic®, the world's first liquid plastic welder that works on almost anything- although it's not very good on teeth now just to let you know! Bondic® is a convenient, yet powerful tool that uses a unique liquid formula which, when exposed to a special UV light, is transformed into hard plastic in just 4 seconds. Bondic® was unveiled at the 2014 National Hardware Show in the USA. Here, we were very proud to take home the Retailers Choice Award for Most Innovative New Product and featured in the July Edition of the Hardware Retailing Magazine. Since then Bondic® has also been highlighted by publications like Gizmodo, Gear Diary, Ask Men, Werd, Tools In Action, BAUSVAULT, OH GIZMO, ENTweak, Extreme How-To Blog, Trend Hunter, Gizmag, Slash Gear & Gear Hungry and featured on The Shopping Channel with very positive reviews..

Entry Level Cost: $11.00



Gennova is a home automation solution special for your HomeKit accessories. Just plug it in and all devices will connect automatically. Then you can completely keep your house under control with your Home App.

Entry Level Cost: $149.00



Snoozle is the perfect alarm clock that will get you out of bed on time. Also, it is great for parents that need to get the children up in the morning. Let Snoozle do the work for you, while you use your time in other ways like preparing breakfast for the family.

Entry Level Cost: $50.00



Introducing FloatHub FloatHub is peace of mind for boaters. It combines hardware and software to let you know what's going on with your vessel, especially when you can't be on board.

Entry Level Cost: $129.00


V Nives

What are V Nives? V Nives represents the “Something Different” you have been looking for in the knife design industry. This brand will create an environment that can bridge the gap between the artist and knife enthusiast to deliver a more authentic overall experience. V Nives strives to bring cutting edge designs to the world from both masterful and upcoming designers that are otherwise not as readily available in a corporate setting.

Entry Level Cost: $50.00



Introducing CAROS THE WORLD'S FIRST MOST POWERFUL APP FOR YOUR CAR CarOS is a brand new application entirely designed for you and your car when you are driving and also when you are parked. With this new app, you don't need to buy an after-market unit for some hundreds of dollars or to buy an expensive option when buy your car (option you will lost when you sell your car). This new application is compatible with ALL the brands and ALL the models of cars. You just need to have a phone mount and you can drive with CarOS and all his power and safety! Our keys ideas Simple and quick-to-use user interface Powerful functionalities, to be the must have app Safe when you driving (Smart dash cam / Located emergency) Connected features (Share your position in Live with an estimated time of arrival) Open to the developers to offer the most modular app and make the most incredible Operating System for you and your car

Entry Level Cost: $16.00



It can be difficult trying to carve out a little time in the day just for you. Where you might enjoy a book or podcast? How about at night, in that drowsy state before you fall asleep in bed? Pop in your Nightbudd and escape for a while in the comfort of your own bed. With Bluetooth connectivity built into a single comfortable headphone, Nightbudd gives you a pleasant night-time listening experience while remaining tangle free of any cables. The benefit of only having to occupy one ear, means you are free to sleep on your side, back or front while at the same time keeping your other ear free.

Entry Level Cost: $21.00



THE WORLD'S FIRST GRAPHENE HEADPHONES ORA GQ Headphones uses nanotechnology to deliver the most groundbreaking audio listening experience. Scientists have long promised that one day Graphene will find its way into many facets of our lives including displays, electronic circuits and sensors. ORA’s Graphene technology makes it one of the first companies to have created a commercially viable application for this Nobel-prize winning material, a major scientific achievement.

Entry Level Cost: $272.00



Liberty+ will be the world's first zero-compromise total-wireless earphones; the solution to everything that is wrong with current total-wireless earphones. Get ready to cut the cord.

Entry Level Cost: $99.00


How to Make a Freaking iPhone

Do you want to learn how to code? You're in luck! I'm creating the course that I wish I had when I was trying to learn how to make iPhone apps. After three years of online teaching over 43,000 students, I am ready to deliver my best course ever!

Entry Level Cost: $29.00


InkCase i7 Plus

InkCase i7 Plus is a smart case for your iPhone 7 Plus. It's large 5.2" E Ink screen allows you to display photos, to-do lists, read eBooks, news articles and also assists you in taking selfies. InkCase i7 Plus comes equipped with an inbuilt battery, storage space, Bluetooth connectivity and is designed to be drop-proof and waterproof.

Entry Level Cost: $89.00



People are increasingly sedentary, spending at least 10 – 15 hrs a day at work, school, and home. With modern rhythm of life, we always forget about physical activities or just walking. More than 80% of people suffer from problems with spine. For children age from eight to seventeen year the most important period for the formation of posture. We have created Mevics because on our experience we know how important healthy spine and daily activity is. Mevics is the small wearable that takes care of you (your health) during all day. Mevics is great for every area of your life. It will be your assistant in the office, sports and will become indispensable for your children.

Entry Level Cost: $49.00


Neuroon Open

Neuroon Open is the world's smartest, open source sleep, dreams, and meditation device in the form of a sleeping mask.

Entry Level Cost: $119.00



Solution to breaking phone cables found A team of young entrepreneurs has found a solution for a persistent problem of the 21st century —broken phone charging cables— presenting a cable that will last a lifetime. ANCHOR CABLE, the world's first stainless-steel, magnetic, USB type-C enabled MULTI-DEVICE charging cable with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Entry Level Cost: $29.00



Sonnet brings the long-range wireless communication capability of the 2-way radio (walkie-talkie) to the smartphone. It enables device-to-device data transfer through low-power, long-range radio frequencies, thus removing smartphones’ dependence on cellular grid and other networking infrastructures. Sonnet connects wirelessly to any smartphone, which can then send data up to several miles away to other Sonnet-equipped smartphones.

Entry Level Cost: $89.00



We love to ride. KILLSWITCH is here because we wanted to improve the flow of our ride so we can ride faster and smoother. As All-Mountain bikers, we realized that we were not fully utilizing the rear shock. Controlling the compression lever when switching between climbing and descending was inconvenient and sometimes (too) dangerous. Therefore, it slowed us down and hurt the flow of the ride. Two actions in one. KILLSWITCH combines the operation of the dropper post and the rear shock compression lever. Now you can intuitively control both with your dropper post lever. Simple integration = Intuitive operation.

Entry Level Cost: $95.00



CAR-DOCKING AND INSTALLATION ARE PAINFUL If you have tried using a car mount for your iPhone, you have probably felt our frustration. They require use of a special case or metal plate glued to your pristine phone that will never come off. To top it off, they are made of cheap plastic and designed as an afterthought. We think different - we set out to build a mount exclusively for the iPhone and came out with something we believe will delight you with its simplicity. INTRODUCING HOVERPLATE We machine cut aircraft grade aluminum, anodized it, then gave it a gorgeous set of surface finishes. Taking inspiration from Apple, we raised the bar for quality and design. It works with nearly all vehicle vents on the road. If you have an old or antique car, message us and we’ll make sure you’re good to go.

Entry Level Cost: $21.00


The Story

Introducing the world’s first colorful, interactive UV base lamp. We've launched two ReveaLED UV light projects for photography under dark that allows anyone to take high quality photos with glowing items and discovering the unseen worlds. Thanks to your support, we successfully funded and delivered both projects to our backers. Since then, we've been working on the world's first colorful UV light and we brought it into an app controllable portable base lamp that allows you to turn any object into a lamp! We designed our base lamp to look like a notebook and named it "The Story".

Entry Level Cost: $75.00


Obsidian 3D Printer

Following Kodama's success last year delivering the Trinus 3D printer to all backers, we're ready to once again raise the bar in 3D printing while lowering the price. Introducing Obsidian, a never-before-seen combination of reliability, quality, and aesthetics. If that's not enough: It runs on non-proprietary firmware, too.

Entry Level Cost: $99.00