David Burchfield's first album in 6 years

My band and I are going to record a full length record with producer Joshua James at his studio in Utah. I'll be bringing the whole band out for several days to record the best versions of the best songs I've written out of all of the last 6 years off of recording, but especially from the last two years of new vision, new purpose, new hope for a future in music.

Entry Level Cost: $4.00



The Wool Cross X by Giesswein is the world’s first high-performance sport shoe with a 100% Merino wool lining. Designed with micro-grip technology and temperature regulating fabric, the Wool Cross X is sure to keep your feet happy on all of life’s trails.

Entry Level Cost: $139.00


Alpha Bunker, Survive If You Can!

In the near future, the world’s superpowers became locked in a nuclear standoff over the earth’s natural resources. No one knows who launched the missiles first, but once the first bomb hit, every country responded by firing back. As every defending country launched their missiles, the bombs rained down on military targets and major urban areas, causing massive destruction all over the globe. Even areas that were not destroyed were exposed to the deadly radiation clouds that blanketed the Earth. Only those who had prepared were safe!

Entry Level Cost: $8.00



Pegin's is changing the way we understand winter. In a sector that has not evolved technologically in years, Peghin's is a disruptive brand with a clear social objective; bring technology to the world of fashion. Put the latest technological advances at the disposal of everyone to improve our lives. We like to consider ourselves as a 2.0 fashion company and therefore, our goal more than to dress, is to create a true experience in our customers.

Entry Level Cost: $151.00


Nikola Tesla poster

Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest inventors in history. If we can now enjoy the wonders of electrical technology, it is largely due to his inventions and ideas. For me, Nikola Tesla has always been an exciting figure, a misunderstood genius who is being recovered from oblivion in recent years. Some years ago I designed and programmed an iPad application about the life of Nikola Tesla. Unfortunately, the costs of maintaining and adapting that application to successive versions of iOS meant that I had to abandon the project. However, I wondered how I could show Nikola Tesla's life and inventions in an original way, without having to resort to complicated projects. A few months ago I came up with the solution: an infographic poster.

Entry Level Cost: $9.00


Kunde Brand

Kunde is a brand of ukuleles, designed in Barcelona and with a lifestyle of its own. Our main source of inspiration is music. We believe that music connects people. We not only like to listen to it, but to create it. Although we are not singers or professional musicians, we greatly enjoy cultivating our musical intelligence, disconnecting the autopilot to take control of our lives and connect with our essence and with the people around us.

Entry Level Cost: $70.00


World first Retractable cable in Wireless chargers

"...we bundled a retractable cable to organize the cable right within the fast wireless charger. It uses a wireless charging and retractable cable to charge with cable easily when you need faster wired charging during wireless charging"

Entry Level Cost: $39.00


Crypto Exchange with EU licence [sic]

We raised through an ICO in 2017 some funds to bring GELD Coin on few exchanges. Now we want our own crypto exchange and so, I invented www.Boerse.website where users can exchange GELD Coins, GELDC, WORKcoins with ETH, USD, EUR, BTC and XRP.

Entry Level Cost: $117.00



Using elements of imagination and movement, with technology and video gaming play patterns, ROXs gets the whole family active.

Entry Level Cost: $129.00


Adagio Made

Natural, sustainable, timeless and luxurious knitted clothing. Fibre to garments, all in one place. Welcome to Slow Fashion.

Entry Level Cost: $69.00



MOLLE straps, by design, are hard to use. Ripstay turns that on its ear. With Ripstay, you can strategically customize your kit, adapt to every mission, and experience the lightning fast disconnect capabilities Ripstay provides. If you use MOLLE or PALS gear, Ripstay is for you.

Entry Level Cost: $23.00


Immersive Story Telling with Sound

Since 2010 I have made a mix of some odd songs mainly ambient and a little beat. Now it is a matter of finding the funds to allow me to break through the barrier of standard stereo channels that I have been tied down to for so long. The missing piece, a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) plugin called ‘DearVR Pro’ by Dear Reality.

Entry Level Cost: $10.00


The Wizard Was Odd

Wizard Was Odd is a trilogy with newly written stories of Oz told by a unique perspective from Toto himself. Help crowdsource the final book of a new trilogy and gain rewards ranging from signed limited edition books and prints.

Entry Level Cost: $45.00


Electric Bike Conversion Wheel

"I wanted to quickly, easily and affordably convert my everyday bicycle to an electric bicycle. There was no solution to this dilemma. Everything on the market was expensive and required extensive installation and couldn't easily switch my bike back to a standard bicycle when not wanting electric power. So I sent to out to bring the best solution to market. EZ Wheelie is a completely wireless electric bike conversion wheel. Turn any bike from a 20" kids bike to a 29" mountain to an ebike easily." - Mark Gustafson Founder

Entry Level Cost: $335.00


Next Innovation Backpack

The Next Innovation backpack is designed for the extreme conditions, but also with a minimalistic modern aesthetic that creating a sleek and chic look. It’s more than just an outdoor backpack, it’s an everyday backpack that works as well in urban lifestyle, and it does things other backpack can’t.

Entry Level Cost: $169.00



Using hundreds of songs, stories and lessons, Codi provides developmental support for your kids outside of the classroom

Entry Level Cost: $69.00


Luke's Boxes

A DIY maker LunchBox for kids to express their artistic creativity, while raising funds to help combat Multiple Sclerosis.

Entry Level Cost: $40.00



ToiLift® is a hands-free toilet seat lifter. A more hygienic and comfortable way of lifting and putting down toilet seats anywhere.

Entry Level Cost: $25.00


Comfort Touch

Comfort Touch Scarf is a unique product developed by InLab Design. It's classic and stylish look also feels as good as its name. Our scarf is specially designed to keep you extra warm when the temperature around you drops, whether you are commuting, at work or out having fun with friends and family.

Entry Level Cost: $98.00



DUO is a portable secondary laptop monitor. More and more people work off of their laptops in cafes, co-working spaces and at home. No longer are people tied to working in office environments. This increased flexibility means that most people will now have readily available access to a secondary monitor, which can increase productivity by up to 50%. The DUO will provide the extra screen real estate, while maintaining the the mobility laptops provide, for anywhere work takes them.

Entry Level Cost: $159.00


The Mighty Elf Kit

The Mighty Elf Kit will restore your sanity while preserving and indeed improving the Christmas Elf tradition. A kit containing 30 days’ worth of props, signs, report cards and letters with easy setup and simple instructions to make life easier.

Entry Level Cost: $30.00


The Gus & Eddy Podcast

We are Gus & Eddy, as seen on Gus and also as seen on Eddy. We make YouTube videos, and now we're making a podcast. Our video podcast will be published once a week on the new Gus & Eddy YouTube channel, and will feature many guests from YouTube, film, television, and beyond.

Entry Level Cost: $1.00



Turn your room temp drinks cold in as few as 30 minutes, and keep them perfectly chilled for hours. It's like a refrigerator on the go!

Entry Level Cost: $45.00



In Posthuman Saga you play as one of the last human survivors in a world where nature is reclaiming the planet and our mutated offspring are working to eradicate us.

Entry Level Cost: $59.00