Gaia & Dubos

Eco-friendly and ethical fashion line.

Entry Level Cost: $22.00



Customizable watches.

Entry Level Cost: $79.00


Floating Wood Maps

Customized wood maps that appear to float on the wall.

Entry Level Cost: $60.00


The Wyoming Singer-Songwriter Competition

A project to archive all music from the 2018 Wyoming Singer-Songwriter Competition.

Entry Level Cost: $100.00



A card game that holds players cards out for everyone to see.

Entry Level Cost: $24.00



A business card case that closes with an elastic band.

Entry Level Cost: $19.00


Candle by Atbay.

Candle by Atbay is a cable with a soothing faux candle in line that plugs into a usb style charger for iOS devices.

Entry Level Cost: $49.00



Maya Montero designs high quality style dresses for women and children for a practical price.

Entry Level Cost: $58.00


Leading Team Members with Super Powers

A book to help leaders effectively lead those who are autistic or neurodiverse.

Entry Level Cost: $10.00



A collection of fourteen short stories, by different authors, focusing on a futuristic megalopolis in Oregon.

Entry Level Cost: $4.00


Build a Chocolate Studio

Coco Caravan is an already existing raw chocolate producer attempting to raise money to launch a chocolate studio and buy equipment.

Entry Level Cost: $26.00



A book to memorialize Toronto's Galleria Mall

Entry Level Cost: $23.00


Haunted Bodies

A hardcover collection of vulnerable drawings and poetry about pain and healing, drawn and written by artist Christina Mrozik.

Entry Level Cost: $15.00



A creative planter for strawberries.

Entry Level Cost: $52.00



Italian-Designed Automatic Watch by Trifoglio Italia- a Creation on the Speedometer & Tachometer of the 50s Vecchia Fiat 500 & Ferrari.

Entry Level Cost: $165.00


The Respect Card

The Respect Card is the same shape, size and quality as a credit card but looks like a phone screen.

Entry Level Cost: $16.00


Mobile Generator for Camping

The latest ENERCAMP wind and water portable power generator for camping enables you to stay plugged in and fully charged on all your outdoor adventures.

Entry Level Cost: $650.00


BattleCON: Unleashed

BattleCON is a head-to-head battle card game that simulates the action and tactics of a one-on-one duel. Each player chooses one fighter from among a vast, diverse cast, and does battle against an opponent's fighter.

Entry Level Cost: $30.00


MagicBoat - A Drone for Life

The magic boat is a project carried out by a team of engineers and researchers of the University of Florence aimed at developing fully self-governing sea drone and propelled only by renewable solar and wind energy. Fleets of these green sea drones can be used to collect valuable scientific data to investigate climatic changes, diffusion of pollutants and marine life conditions. First Unit will be tested by crossing Atlantic Ocean.

Entry Level Cost: $11.77


Water Electrodialysis

We represent fully autonomous modular equipment to turning salty sea water into clean drinking water, anywhere on the coast of the World Ocean for thousands of GPS coordinates; it does not depend on external sources of energy, since solar panels and a diesel generator - on board. Install - after 60 min get clean water! Significant reduction in the price of equipment and the price of fresh water received became possible after the introduction of our - patent "UA 106302 U" - newest invention.

Entry Level Cost: $5.00


Lost And Crowned

At the beginning of the summer I wanted to create something that featured a light-up element to wear to festivals and events. I made the light blue crown that you see in some of these pictures featuring LED lights that lit the whole thing up. I found that: Lots of people wanted to wear or try the crown out Two people tried to steal my crown It was a great help in dark spots such as badly lit festival toilets It worked great as a battery-operated camp fire to huddle around at night If I wore it upside down I looked like a viking warrior

Entry Level Cost: $33.00


The Mortality Machine

We’ve all experienced loss, grief, and fear of death. The Mortality Machine allows you to explore those by stepping into the role of a character in our world and investigating a basement laboratory where that character lost a loved one five years ago. We’ll immerse you in the 360-degree illusion of an otherworldly place and, as you solve the mystery of the Machine, you’ll begin to encounter our concept of the afterlife.

Entry Level Cost: $20.00



WE BELIEVE ART HAS THE POWER TO WAKE PEOPLE UP! Kids in America spend an average of 1,200 hours a year in school. In today's climate of unprecedented fear and division, what they see - or don't see - on their classroom walls matters more than ever. With your help, we plan to cover at least TWENTY THOUSAND of those walls with new icons: images of ten young leaders representing ten diverse movements, each carrying the hopes of their generation, each already building us a better world.

Entry Level Cost: $1.00


Paid In Blood

A sadistic serial killer, hell-bent on revenge, uses social-media to lure a group to a wild party in the middle of nowhere.

Entry Level Cost: $5.00