Featured Project


Remind My Sweatheart

"Remind my Sweetheart is a multipurpose alarm reminder app that you can set up to help remind a forgetful partner, family member, or friend from your phone to set to their phone. Let us say you husband/wife has a important meeting but can ve tad forgetful of the time from you phone you will be able to set up a reminder notification and tgen send the notification to you significant others phone."

Entry Level Cost: $15.00


Enny (1)

Introducing Enny GO & Enny HOME the lightweight, expandable, compact, modular and cutest solar system.

Entry Level Cost: $221.00


Different Dating

I am raising funds to complete and launch a new web based dating application. A large part of the design and technical build is complete and this campaign will fund the final stages of the launch process.

Entry Level Cost: $6.00



A coding toy for girls and boys aged 3 and up. It takes coding off the screen, and into the real world with a programming language you can touch.

Entry Level Cost: $195.00



The history of projection is filled with innovations for transporting images through light – from magic lanterns, cinematographs, and slide projectors to modern 4k projectors. And yet, projection still has limits, such as high cost, material fragility, high energy consumption, and bulky size. Plus, digital image quality is significantly lower compared to analogue. And regardless of all the technological progress, projection is still geared towards watching videos indoors, ignoring the imaginative possibilities of outdoor projection. VISIO has been created to overcome all these limits, and to bring still projection out of the shadow of animated projection.

Entry Level Cost: $245.00


Strawbees Hovercraft

The Strawbees modular Hovercraft kit is the ultimate toy and science experience that hovers across land and sea at over 25 miles per hour (~40 km/h). Create your own spectacular design and race with your friends and family! One is fun, two are great, and four on a tricky track that you have built is the most fun thing you can do!

Entry Level Cost: $129.00



BIKI is the world's first bionic underwater drone that is also the only underwater robot featuring automated balance, obstacle avoidance, and return to base. By supporting a 4K camera, BIKI presents you with the best view from underwater. BIKI, the smallest but strongest. Through this intelligent robot fish, you can visualize the underwater world from a completely new perspective. BIKI is not only an almighty underwater drone but also a robot pet full of emotions. Now, just tell BIKI what you want to do!

Entry Level Cost: $599.00



The Flex-Eboard is an Electric Longboard with Interchangeable Rough Stuff Wheels and a Fully Flexible Deck for the Smoothest Ride.

Entry Level Cost: $832.00



Study after study has shown that meditation is one of the best methods for dealing with the rigors and challenges caused by our chaotic, distracted world. A wide variety of different meditation forms and techniques have been practiced for centuries, and meditation has acquired many different meanings over the years. We believe that all methods of meditation can be beneficial. However, many people do find traditional methods hard to learn and challenging to maintain.

Entry Level Cost: $179.00


SmartCaptain App

Can you imagine winning a piece of the Powerball Jackpot? Take a second and really imagine all those extra zeros in your bank account! Millions around the country have started a new trend called lottery pools. It’s simple: you create a group to buy tickets together and it increases your odds of winning. It’s fun, social and if any tickets in the group win, you all share the prize. In fact, an office pool of 20 co-workers in Tennessee just won $420 Million Powerball Jackpot recently! Whether you are new to lottery pools or just tired of doing them manually with your friends, SmartCaptain is for you. SmartCaptain takes care of everything and is error free. You and your friends won’t have to worry about collecting payments, losing tickets, mishandling money, or distributing the payouts. SmartCaptain does the work for you -- so you can sit back, socialize, and win money.

Entry Level Cost: $15.00



Based on the success of our previous project - Wireless HMI , we felt that there is a need to promote not just the product but how to build projects using our product. Therefore, we have built this toolkit. The toolkit includes the necessary hardware, code and guide to build these projects. A color printed guide book, published by Nanomesher, is included.

Entry Level Cost: $30.00



TACTYK Blade Pocket knives are awesome and we love carrying our well crafted knives. Just thinking about the craftsmanship that went into making the knife makes us feel great carrying the piece of art. However, pocket knives can get bulky and uncomfortable for an everyday carry. And sometimes they give a negative vibe to people around us who do not understand the concept of carrying a pocket knife. At only 2.25" high and .3" thick Blade is small enough to seamlessly be an everyday carry knife. Although small, Blade has the cutting capabilities of a full sized pocket knife to open all your amazon packages and even fulfill your occasional urges of turning a piece of wood into a spear. Concealed in a compact tactical key-shaped body machined from solid Titanium, or 7075-T6 or 6061-T6 Aluminum, Blade has the same tactical feel and craftsmanship that of a well made pocket knife.

Entry Level Cost: $29.00


AnyTouch Blue (3rd)

For global marketing It is very difficult for small start-up companies to create new products and promote them to global markets. If a company is cost-effective or has global presence, it's easy, but there's a lot of risk for small start-ups. Kickstarter is a very large and reputable site, and there are supporters who are interested in the products of the start-up company. If small start-up companies can get the support and interest of their sponsors, it will be a great help for them to succeed. Securing funds for product mass production and future product development Kick starter supports funding based on the trust of our sponsors. These funds can be used as sales forecasts for products and as promotional material for start-up companies. And funds from sponsors will help start-up companies produce products reliably and research / develop next products.

Entry Level Cost: $17.00



EarStudio is the world’s first and only 24bit Bluetooth receiver designed to deliver studio-quality sound through your ears WIRELESS - using your existing wired headphones, earphones or even speakers.

Entry Level Cost: $49.00



Tertill is a solar-powered and weatherproof robot that weeds your garden every day. With Tertill, gardeners can now enjoy weed-free vegetable and flower gardens, without the monotony and frustration of weeding. Organic gardeners can breathe easy and enjoy a weed-free, chemical-free garden all season long. Created by roboticist Joe Jones – inventor of the Roomba – Franklin Robotics’ Tertill is designed to live in your garden and take care of the weeding, come rain or shine.

Entry Level Cost: $249.00


Radical MOOV

Even before they were exploding, existing hoverboards didn’t satisfy our need for a premium, self-balancing scooter that was fun to ride. We designed MOOV from the ground up with the priority of buying safe and reliable parts from America. We’re proud to say that our product is designed and hand-built here in the USA. We control every aspect of product quality to ensure the highest level of safety and reliability. Our engineers inspect and test every battery and board that leaves our facility in Dallas. Starting with UL Certification, the MOOV will be fully compliant and tested to the highest hoverboard standard, UL2272, as well as the Department of Transportation’s battery-specific standard, UN38.3. So you can rest easy that this board is safe, reliable, and most of all fun.

Entry Level Cost: $1,199.00


Smart Buckle

SMART BUCKLE - Convert any watch in to a smartwatch. Add the latest wearable activity tracker and smartwatch technology simply by replacing the clasp on your traditional watch strap. Smart Buckle uses miniaturized technology in its compact wearable clasp allowing it to go unnoticed while it tracks your activity and sleep patterns.

Entry Level Cost: $39.00


Hello Coding

Coding is not as hard as you think. Feeling stuck in life? Maybe you're working three jobs to make ends meet. I'm sure you've heard how much developers make these days … Want to get in on that action? We at Mammoth Interactive are excited to launch our course series 'Hello Coding: Anyone can learn to code.' This series has five levels that take you through a holistic curriculum of development. In Hello Coding, students learn web, app, game, and Artificial Intelligence development.

Entry Level Cost: $39.00



The compact AuricSound S7 unveils astonishing layers of detail in music, opening up the soundstage, improving instrument separation, and propelling rhythm with irresistible energy. Hear your favorite songs as if for the first time, and get fresh insight on the music you love. There’s Twin ESS SABRE® Reference 32bit ES9028Q2M 768kHz DSD512 22.5/24.5MHz DACs and amps offer balanced output. The AuricSound S7 will satisfy anyone who loves music, and those who are curious to hear just how good their headphones can sound.

Entry Level Cost: $164.00



Get repetitive tasks done with just a single button press Everyday we spend so much time at work in doing mundane, repetitive tasks. Wouldn't it be great if you could use technology to take care of these quickly and efficiently? With the goButton, you can! Here are just a few things you can do with a single button-press, and save yourself hours of time each week, all while having fun with a really cool product!

Entry Level Cost: $29.00


DUO Travel

The DUO Travel is for hobbyists who want a device to program on-the-go, and is completely programmable without any external peripherals.

Entry Level Cost: $10.00


Tayogo Force Conduction

A waterproof bluetooth headset with a built in mp3(stores up to 8GB) and FM player that uses a bone conduction technology so you can listen to music while also being aware of the outside world.

Entry Level Cost: $69.00



Ever wonder what happens in your brain when you listen to music? The answer is synchrony. This is what enables us to hear the beat, recognize rhythmic patterns, and dance to music. Synchrony™ is the only LED controller that uses a state-of-the-art neural network that synchronizes its internal rhythms to the rhythms of music so that it can hear music the way people do. In a way, it enables you to visualize what is happening in your brain when you listen to music.

Entry Level Cost: $99.00



THE WORLD'S MOST IMMERSIVE 3D EARPHONES FIT FOR YOU iNova combines ground-breaking patented technology with an outer-ear vibration transmitter to send a unique pattern of sound waves through all parts of the ear for clear, rich, and true 3D immersive sound. Experience sounds like never before. Experience the big game while at the office or the excitement of the concert while cleaning the dishes. Make every listening moment as good as being "there" live!

Entry Level Cost: $40.00