Featured Project



BrewQube is a convenient, interactive counter top draft beer system that is brilliantly designed to enhance the way you enjoy your favorite craft beer at home or on the go.

Entry Level Cost: $575.00



What Woof is about Driven by passion for skating. The team behind Woof Boards wanted to provide a sleek and light electric skateboard at economical prices. We want to expand the ways that people commute daily and we believe that Woof Boards might be a possible solution.

Entry Level Cost: $345.00



With MagC, you can connect your device and USB-C magnetically, while retaining the charging function and high-speed data transfer. Compatible with Thunderbolt 3.

Entry Level Cost: $29.00


Raspberry Shake 4D

We are back by popular demand with our latest creation - The Raspberry Shake 4D! Pick up the next generation of Raspberry Shake, a personal home Earth monitor combined with IoT technologies made by OSOP, at a HUGE discount! Our previous Kickstarter campaign was a resounding success- a Kickstarter Staff Pick that overshot its funding goal by 1,400%! Thanks to your support we brought you Raspberry Shake, the world’s smallest professional-grade personal Earth monitoring device.

Entry Level Cost: $25.00


Airdog ADII

We’re back and we owe it all to you Kickstarter community. The overwhelming support we received for Airdog 1 sparked an innovation revolution bringing the first high-performance, auto-follow camera drone to the industry. You pledged. We developed, listened, and refined our technology to deliver the next generation of Airdog products. Building on the high-performance elements of the original Airdog 1 model, the new Airdog ADII sets a new standard by combining advanced, intelligent, tracking technology, with durable design, and the most cutting-edge autonomous, all-terrain, flight performance on the market.

Entry Level Cost: $1,099.00


Hidizs AP200

Why we've built the AP200: Audio that comes from portable devices tend to not sound great. At Hidizs, we’re trying to change this by designing our own portable music player that enhances the music listening experience. We believe that no one should ever compromise on sound quality.

Entry Level Cost: $239.00


Ticwatch S & E

Android Wear powers Ticwatch S and Ticwatch E. Besides managing calls and messages, Ticwatch S (Sport) and E (Express) empower your active lifestyle with the convenience of Google Assistant, fitness apps like Google Fit, and the powerful ecosystem of Google Play. Google Play brings you apps that enable sleep monitoring, music detection, multi-language support, and much more. The possibilities are endless with your Ticwatch S & E.

Entry Level Cost: $119.00


mXers Audio

For the first time, earbuds are able to change and adapt to fit your preferences at your fingertips! Each connection is formed out of our special McX connectors, created to maintain a secure grip and seamless performance.

Entry Level Cost: $20.00



BrewArt is the world's first fully automated personal brewing system. It is a complete system that enables you to brew your own pub quality beer at the touch of a button. You can monitor and control your brew from a smart phone and then keg and dispense without requiring CO2. Choosing your favorite beer can be as simple as scrolling through the range of BrewPrints or developing your own customized brew.

Entry Level Cost: $495.00


CardGear Duo

In the beginning of 2017, we launched a project called CardGear Slim. Thanks to our supporters, the project was funded. Because of the high demand of the SD Card holder version, we have created this project "CardGear Duo". It is a SD card and USB holder. We really like this project and think everyone will like it too. CardGear Duo is perfect for photographers who have many SD cards and carry them also everywhere they go. CardGear Duo is also great for most of us who like to carry mini USBs between work and home.

Entry Level Cost: $3.00


Aumi Mini

Meet the Aumi Mini. A smart wifi notification light and nightlight. The mini can plug into any USB port to become an instant smart night light or notification light. Connect to your network and trigger alerts for weather, smartlocks, calendars, social media mentions, security important emails, stock market, thermostats etc...

Entry Level Cost: $20.00



f.lashes /fuh-lashes/ noun 1. A product that combines fun and lashes 2. Lightweight, LED lashes that immediately respond to head and body movements such as dancing, jumping around, or posing for selfies.

Entry Level Cost: $40.00



All our devices are now pocket sized. So why does charging them necessitate carrying around a slab of heavy circuitry? Meet Kado. The pocket smartphone wall charger you can take EVERYWHERE with you - in the tightest of pockets, in wallets, and even in a beard (OK we did that once). This isn’t some conceptual futuristic dream. It’s real and it’s amazing. Don't worry if you're planning on getting a different phone in the next little bit, or even if you move across the world: we're going to check in with you before delivery to ask you what your plug, cable, and color preferences are.

Entry Level Cost: $39.00



NINTENDO SWITCH is an awesome gaming console, we love it! It provides different gaming modes to fulfill players’ needs, allowing us to enjoy the games anytime and anywhere. The handheld mode is always our favorite, but we found because of its size and flat back, it is difficult to hold the console and play the games for a long period of time making our hands too tied from holding the SWITCH. Which got us thinking, why not make a case, not only to protect the SWITCH but also providing two comfortable grips on the SWITCH, just like the PS4 and XB1 joy-cons.

Entry Level Cost: $30.00



Sometimes, perfect photo opportunities can pass by in a flash. We’ve all been there: we spot something we’d love to photograph but by the time we’ve grabbed our SLR out of the bag, adjusted the focus and framed the shot, the moment has passed. Or we might use our smartphone to take a quick pic but the resolution just isn’t great. Our solution? We want to produce a professional-grade lens that will put the “Insta” back into Instagram! We want to bring the spontaneity back to photography while maintaining the highest standards of photo creation. The C.P. Goerz CITOGRAPH 35 is a revolutionary type of lens – the next big thing in photography. The angle of view corresponds with your natural viewing angle.

Entry Level Cost: $249.00



The goal of the project is to create a prototype of an handmade exclusive electric skateboard. The prototype will be the basis for further productions of exclusive boards. Every board will be tailor made to meet the customer's every wish in both design and performance. Every produced board will be made in very close relation with the customer.

Entry Level Cost: $12.00



Introducing the World's thinnest and lightest iPhone battery case with wireless charging.

Entry Level Cost: $42.00


Argus (Canceled)

When driving, don’t you often get frustrated by the blind spots that cannot be fully reflected by vehicle’s rearview mirror when changing lanes or backing up? Especially when the car is packed with passengers or cargos, the driver’s view is often hindered and the rearview mirror seems to be obsolete? Even worse, when there is a child or dog behind the vehicle, the rearview mirror simply cannot see them and thus cause irretrievable grief? Argus had heard your voice and decided to develop a revolutionary “full-screen display mirror” to solve this nearly century issue! This hybrid rearview mirror system is designed to eliminate the blind spots of any traditional rearview mirror, displaying real-time images captured by the rear camera, providing full and wide-angle views of the back of vehicle.

Entry Level Cost: $299.00



Introducing ORION360 a compact, powerful 360° speaker system for multi-directional, HI-DEF audio that sounds larger than the source (120 watts) with a built-in advanced Gesture control technology (GTEK) that will simply blow your mind! Free of any buttons or confusing controls, you can instruct ORION360 to Play, Pause, Skip track, Control volume and even attend incoming phone calls by just swiping your finger! Just incorporate gestures into your dance moves! (Like KINECT for Music system) Unlike many other portable Bluetooth speakers, it uses a smart contactless charging plate, so you can literally grab it and go! Welcome to the Future!

Entry Level Cost: $136.00


Mag ICreatum

3D printers are amazing. Unfortunately, they used to be hulking, complicated, expensive, and with limited functions. We’ve been hearing about and experiencing the pain of setting up the difficult-to-use DIY 3D printer kit and being limited by the standard plug-and-play 3D printer. We are hoping to change that. So we came up with an idea: create an all-metal 3D printer, which is easy-to-use for beginners, expandable for makers, and truly affordable for everyone. That’s why we designed Mag Creator to be all-metal and all-in-one. With so many 3D printer options, it can be difficult to decide on the right model. Luckily, MAG Creator makes the choice easy by combining 3D printing, CNC carving, laser engraving, and more modular functions. It is the only 3D printer you will ever need – for work or at home.

Entry Level Cost: $113.00


Dive with Portable Lungs

GET READY TO DIVE • Turn the valve to 120psi and just breath, an on demand flow of air is then released form the regulator allowing you to dive hands free 15-20 minutes • A special collapsible high pressure hand pump very simply to use (just like a bicycle pump) can fill the entire tank anywhere you are a Carrying case for pump is included! •Cross-body bag ensures tight universal comfortable wear just clip on and dive. • I designed this to be simple and ready to go! just take it along with you and dive.

Entry Level Cost: $395.00



Our Bondic® journey started with Dr. Tom, a dentist in Germany. One day a patient asked if he could take some of the dental bonding material home and borrow a spare UV light to try something he was working on. When the patient came back and asked for a few gallons of the material Dr. Tom was stunned. “I mean that’s 10 dentists, 10 lifetimes worth of material; what on earth can he need so much of it for and if he needs it I wonder how many other people in the world can use something like this!” And that is the true origin of Bondic®. Turns out this person used it under a microscope to attach wires to a microchip. So that journey turned into a 3 year endeavor to create Bondic®, the world's first liquid plastic welder that works on almost anything- although it's not very good on teeth now just to let you know! Bondic® is a convenient, yet powerful tool that uses a unique liquid formula which, when exposed to a special UV light, is transformed into hard plastic in just 4 seconds. Bondic® was unveiled at the 2014 National Hardware Show in the USA. Here, we were very proud to take home the Retailers Choice Award for Most Innovative New Product and featured in the July Edition of the Hardware Retailing Magazine. Since then Bondic® has also been highlighted by publications like Gizmodo, Gear Diary, Ask Men, Werd, Tools In Action, BAUSVAULT, OH GIZMO, ENTweak, Extreme How-To Blog, Trend Hunter, Gizmag, Slash Gear & Gear Hungry and featured on The Shopping Channel with very positive reviews..

Entry Level Cost: $11.00



Gennova is a home automation solution special for your HomeKit accessories. Just plug it in and all devices will connect automatically. Then you can completely keep your house under control with your Home App.

Entry Level Cost: $149.00



Snoozle is the perfect alarm clock that will get you out of bed on time. Also, it is great for parents that need to get the children up in the morning. Let Snoozle do the work for you, while you use your time in other ways like preparing breakfast for the family.

Entry Level Cost: $50.00