Featured Project



When driving, don’t you often get frustrated by the blind spots that cannot be fully reflected by vehicle’s rearview mirror when changing lanes or backing up? Especially when the car is packed with passengers or cargos, the driver’s view is often hindered and the rearview mirror seems to be obsolete? Even worse, when there is a child or dog behind the vehicle, the rearview mirror simply cannot see them and thus cause irretrievable grief? Argus had heard your voice and decided to develop a revolutionary “full-screen display mirror” to solve this nearly century issue! This hybrid rearview mirror system is designed to eliminate the blind spots of any traditional rearview mirror, displaying real-time images captured by the rear camera, providing full and wide-angle views of the back of vehicle.

Entry Level Cost: $289.00



With e-skin, you can use, recognize and analyze human motion data anytime, anywhere. Our e-skin apparel unobtrusively moves and stretches with the body’s movements. The proprietary stretchable electronics were developed in Professor Takao Someya’s Lab at the University of Tokyo. E-skin provides a new intuitive and immersive input for interacting with virtual reality content and games as well as means for analyzing exercises and athletic sports. Since it is wireless and camera-free, e-skin can be used for many hours both inside and outside.

Entry Level Cost: $479.00



One of the reason why we don't do anything about bacteria is because we don't know what to do. No matter how often you wash your hands, they always win. Using anti-bacteria soap even make your skin drier, and weaker. You heard of cleaning yourself but why not the objects that we touch? Cleaning bacteria after they attack you, is just a follow-up motion. Why don't we focus on advanced prevention? Create a proactive way to sterilize our surroundings and realize personal hygiene. We made Cleanty series with that goal like never before.

Entry Level Cost: $55.00



POLAR SEAL heated smart tops bring you heat at the touch of a button. Designed to be super lightweight, flexible, and breathable, POLAR SEAL tops come in a range of colors and sizes in distinct MENs and WOMENs cuts. POLAR SEAL can give you heat for up to 8 hours, which means you can go a full day in the cold without feeling chilly.

Entry Level Cost: $108.00



Helloplant is the ultimate smart plant sensor. It measures ambient and soil temperature. It keeps an eye on these parameters and sends you notifications, as soon as an action is required to keep your plant happy. Helloplant helps people without a green thumb, serial-plant-killers and play-it-safe cacti owners, but also plant lovers and professionals who would like to know more about their plants. It is waterproof and robust, so you can use it indoors or outdoors.

Entry Level Cost: $26.00


Shonin Streamcam

Capture your side of the story with SHONIN STREAMCAM the wearable security camera

Entry Level Cost: $149.00



We need your help to put the finishing touches on the Sermonary software. We also want your support to get the word out.

Entry Level Cost: $50.00


ALL Controller

The World's First True Universal Gamepad Connecting to consoles will be as easy as plugging in the custom USB adapter. This device will allow the ALL Controller to connect to the XBOX 360, XBOX One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Added support for Nintendo Wii, WiiU and Switch will be added as well. On top of that, the USB adapter will have all 11 USB drivers available for wireless use with any Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android game.

Entry Level Cost: $44.00



A lot of people will tell you that while it’s nice to have videos of your activities, the hassle of having to run the camera can detract from your enjoyment of those very activities. You could use a head-mounted camera like a Go-Pro or even Google Glass, but not everyone wishes to look so ...cyborg-like. That’s where the customizable appearance of FOMO comes into play.

Entry Level Cost: $29.00


Pixel Mini

The Pixel Mini is an Arduino Zero compatible smart display! It features a 32bit 48MHz ARM Cortex M0+ microcontroller w/ 16K of RAM, a 0.95" 96x64 color OLED screen, and a MicroSD slot. There are many things you can do with a board like this. Create wearables, attach sensors and display data with text or graphics, or even make simple games!

Entry Level Cost: $45.00



Just like webcam camera hacking is widespread, microphone hacking is also. We started this project because we volunteer with students who use digital camera enabled devices. The shocking truth is that just about anyone can hack into your computer and turn on the camera or microphone without you even knowing it. The only way to guarantee your privacy is to cover the camera or block your microphone when you are not using it. We believe that it is your space, so you should be the one to decide when your camera or microphone should be used.

Entry Level Cost: $15.00


The Smartcoat

SmartCoat with Electronic Personal Thermal Control Technology inside is the first jacket in the world to MAKE you warm and keep you connected. Compatible with Apple and Android smart devices (phone or watch), users connect to their jacket using the MyCore Jacket App and enjoy variable temperature control, Bluetooth capabilities, virtual reality surround sound, and push-button retractable ear buds--all while your jacket is charging your phone.

Entry Level Cost: $299.00



With PCPanel you can control the output levels of individual applications on your computer. You can adjust them at anytime even while in a full-screen game. You do not need to have PCPanel software open for this to work. PCPanel connects to your computer with a USB cable.

Entry Level Cost: $54.00



Let us introduce our one-of-a-kind product. You will feel like you are sitting on a cloud while you are using our innovative seat cushion, named seat.AI. It is a smart cushion which fundamentally gives you comfort, which is combined with IoT and other smart functions.

Entry Level Cost: $250.00


Projector Toilet Night Light!

The world's first motion-activated night light now projects images directly into your toilet bowl!

Entry Level Cost: $15.00


SousVide Supreme Touch+

From the company that revolutionized cooking with the first at-home sous vide, the original SousVide Supreme, comes the next chapter in sous vide cooking. With your help our new SousVide Supreme Touch+ will revolutionize sous vide cooking once again.

Entry Level Cost: $299.00



Prototype is ready! We've developed SmartMote, an affordable universal remote that transforms existing “not-so-smart” devices to Alexa enabled smart home devices. Together with the smartphone app, you can control these devices anywhere, anytime.

Entry Level Cost: $29.00



Enny is the best solution to use solar energy in your house, combines the best of a Smart Battery and an incredible Solar Panel.

Entry Level Cost: $414.00



BRID is the world's most efficient compact indoor air purifier. Its patented Nano-structured ceramic filters effectively break down Carbon Monoxide, Bacteria, Pollutants, organic odors (and more) into harmless substances. They don't stick to the filters or collect on metal plates: they are vaporized, really gone! You won't need to buy replacements, our patented filters last virtually forever. BRID is also the first Photocatalytic purifier that does not produce ozone. Thanks to our modified TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) treatment, BRID doesn't use UV lights.

Entry Level Cost: $289.00



SeaTalkie is a walkie-talkie for water sports, with IPX8-class waterproof function. As well as a combination of User Experience Design elements, making it more suitable for water sports.

Entry Level Cost: $54.00



Technology is supposed to simplify our lives. But phones steal us from reality demanding more and more attention. We got tired of wasting time using bulky car mounts that were supposed to make our lives simpler. So we’ve decided to find a solution and developed a gadget that will make your driving experience safer and more comfortable.

Entry Level Cost: $29.00



BlinkLight is a premium led belt powered by Li-Po battery, remote controller and Arduino open source. Bike lights are engineered to be 360° visible and increase other traffic user’s attention. For day and night use. Designed to be worn on you or on a bike. From now on you don't need to take off your hands from the handlebar while making a turn. So minimalistic, so simple, so effective and so affordable!

Entry Level Cost: $25.00



We are LumNkey. We want to create a new generation of smart- technology that is affordable for everyone in the form of our futuristic key design. Our innovative design could help to improve your way of life on a daily basis. Our inspiration is born out of a simple frustration: not being able to find your keys in the dark. We now want to take our solution to the next level, and provide an easy-to-use device that is available to everyone. This is the smart key of the future.

Entry Level Cost: $10.00



3D Printing is the future! But when we looked at the available 3D printer models on the market, we could not find a single one that delivers high quality printings at a reasonable price. That`s why we made SparkMaker, an LCD based SLA 3D printer that prints in high-resolution yet has a price that makes it affordable for everyone.

Entry Level Cost: $129.00