Featured Project



A heated insole.

Entry Level Cost: $166.00



A business card case that closes with an elastic band.

Entry Level Cost: $19.00



The Wool Cross X by Giesswein is the world’s first high-performance sport shoe with a 100% Merino wool lining. Designed with micro-grip technology and temperature regulating fabric, the Wool Cross X is sure to keep your feet happy on all of life’s trails.

Entry Level Cost: $139.00



Pegin's is changing the way we understand winter. In a sector that has not evolved technologically in years, Peghin's is a disruptive brand with a clear social objective; bring technology to the world of fashion. Put the latest technological advances at the disposal of everyone to improve our lives. We like to consider ourselves as a 2.0 fashion company and therefore, our goal more than to dress, is to create a true experience in our customers.

Entry Level Cost: $151.00


Comfort Touch

Comfort Touch Scarf is a unique product developed by InLab Design. It's classic and stylish look also feels as good as its name. Our scarf is specially designed to keep you extra warm when the temperature around you drops, whether you are commuting, at work or out having fun with friends and family.

Entry Level Cost: $98.00



Sacuba is the world's first self-clean sunglasses. This patented eyewear can clean the lens without the need to carry around cleaning cloths, tissues or to use your shirt to rub. All you have to do is flip the lens up and down few times, and there will be no more smudge on sunglasses lens! Making sure that you can see with clarity in outdoor activities, whether for inland or offshore use.

Entry Level Cost: $56.00


Moovy Bag


Entry Level Cost: $149.00



There are a lot of options on the market for fitness trackers, but the cheap ones don't work well, and those that do are very expensive! But not anymore! Introducing FITPOLO, the last and only fitness partner you'll ever need!

Entry Level Cost: $55.00



POLAR SEAL heated smart tops bring you heat at the touch of a button. Designed to be super lightweight, flexible, and breathable, POLAR SEAL tops come in a range of colors and sizes in distinct MENs and WOMENs cuts. POLAR SEAL can give you heat for up to 8 hours, which means you can go a full day in the cold without feeling chilly.

Entry Level Cost: $108.00


Shonin Streamcam

Capture your side of the story with SHONIN STREAMCAM the wearable security camera

Entry Level Cost: $149.00


The Smartcoat

SmartCoat with Electronic Personal Thermal Control Technology inside is the first jacket in the world to MAKE you warm and keep you connected. Compatible with Apple and Android smart devices (phone or watch), users connect to their jacket using the MyCore Jacket App and enjoy variable temperature control, Bluetooth capabilities, virtual reality surround sound, and push-button retractable ear buds--all while your jacket is charging your phone.

Entry Level Cost: $299.00



Signal is an automatic signal lights device for helmets. It activates turn signals and brake lights using patent pending motion-tracking and brake-detection technologies. Designed to be attached to the back of helmets, Signal is created with the purpose of enhancing your safety.

Entry Level Cost: $43.00



Steer is a bracelet that will help you to not fall asleep behind the wheel. Steer detects the level of your drowsiness by analyzing heart rate and skin conductance and warns you when your condition is close to sleeping.

Entry Level Cost: $103.00



Ring, ring! ORII is the world's first voice-powered smart ring that turns your finger into a smart phone. Just by touching your ear you can make calls, send messages, set reminders, or anything else that Siri or Google Assistant can do for you. ORII uses bone conduction to send sound along your finger and into your ear. It's stylish and spy-ish, and only you can hear it.

Entry Level Cost: $99.00



Plugfones Liberate 2.0 are the first wireless bluetooth earplug/earbuds hybrid to come to market. If you're looking to substantially reduce environmental noise so you can listen without distraction AND at a safe volume, Plugfones Liberate 2.0 are for you!

Entry Level Cost: $70.00


Ticwatch S & E

Android Wear powers Ticwatch S and Ticwatch E. Besides managing calls and messages, Ticwatch S (Sport) and E (Express) empower your active lifestyle with the convenience of Google Assistant, fitness apps like Google Fit, and the powerful ecosystem of Google Play. Google Play brings you apps that enable sleep monitoring, music detection, multi-language support, and much more. The possibilities are endless with your Ticwatch S & E.

Entry Level Cost: $119.00



f.lashes /fuh-lashes/ noun 1. A product that combines fun and lashes 2. Lightweight, LED lashes that immediately respond to head and body movements such as dancing, jumping around, or posing for selfies.

Entry Level Cost: $40.00



People are increasingly sedentary, spending at least 10 – 15 hrs a day at work, school, and home. With modern rhythm of life, we always forget about physical activities or just walking. More than 80% of people suffer from problems with spine. For children age from eight to seventeen year the most important period for the formation of posture. We have created Mevics because on our experience we know how important healthy spine and daily activity is. Mevics is the small wearable that takes care of you (your health) during all day. Mevics is great for every area of your life. It will be your assistant in the office, sports and will become indispensable for your children.

Entry Level Cost: $49.00


Neuroon Open

Neuroon Open is the world's smartest, open source sleep, dreams, and meditation device in the form of a sleeping mask.

Entry Level Cost: $119.00


Smart Buckle

SMART BUCKLE - Convert any watch in to a smartwatch. Add the latest wearable activity tracker and smartwatch technology simply by replacing the clasp on your traditional watch strap. Smart Buckle uses miniaturized technology in its compact wearable clasp allowing it to go unnoticed while it tracks your activity and sleep patterns.

Entry Level Cost: $39.00