World's First Gesture controlled music system



About the Project

Introducing ORION360 a compact, powerful 360° speaker system for multi-directional, HI-DEF audio that sounds larger than the source (120 watts) with a built-in advanced Gesture control technology (GTEK) that will simply blow your mind! Free of any buttons or confusing controls, you can instruct ORION360 to Play, Pause, Skip track, Control volume and even attend incoming phone calls by just swiping your finger! Just incorporate gestures into your dance moves! (Like KINECT for Music system) Unlike many other portable Bluetooth speakers, it uses a smart contactless charging plate, so you can literally grab it and go! Welcome to the Future!

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  • Founder: Erandra Ramegowda
  • Company: ORION Labs
  • Goal: $11,376.00
  • Entry Level Price: $136.00
  • Campaign Ended On: August 5, 2017
  • Delivery Date: July 2017

"About the Project" and "Claims" content are taken from the campagin as is.

Reality Check

  • Claim:

    True Surround Sound

  • Reality:

    True surround sound incorporates multiple speakers to literally surround you. Even though there are ways to mimic surround sound, it still is not quite true surround sound. The Orion360 is a single unit that, although it has a creative design, is still limited by physical laws.

  • Claim:

    Gesture Control Technology

  • Reality:

    This claim is referring to controlling gestures that are directly above the device. The reach is possibly limited, the practicality is questionable, and the technology is something that needs work.

Something To Think About

Do you really want to get up and walk over to the device to control it every time you need to make a change, even if you do not have to actually touch the device?

  • Claim:

    Smart Contactless Charger

  • Reality:

    This technology does not exist for the every day technology. Wireless charging, does exist. Contactless is a claim that is bold.

  • Claim:

    Dual Audio Driver

  • Reality:

    Since there is no working prototype, the functionality of the dual driver is in question.

  • Claim:

    Aware Sonar Technology

  • Reality:

    The aforementioned technology exists, however, there are a high number of variables that can drastically affect this feature, to work properly.

  • Claim:

    Vortex Bass

  • Reality:

    Nothing in the specs or blueprint of the device give reason to believable adequate bass capability.

Bottom Line

There are not many elements to Orion360 or the technology involved that are foundational for a high level of success. The images are either stolen, adjusted, or simply fake. The Orion Labs Facebook page seems to have comments and likes that appear to be questionable. The idea is creative, however, there are elements of practicality that potentially do not add up. For Instance, if you need to stand up and walk to the device in order to change a song or volume with a gesture, how is this more practical than an app or remote? Please consider the many uncertainties when thinking about back Orion360.

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