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It is believed that Hi-Fi audio quality and a carefree, wireless listening experience make up the perfect music indulgence. Yet for a very long time, technical limitations have inevitably caused sound quality to be sacrificed to some extent when going wireless. Well, that’s not the case anymore, you can now have both with AQUA+!

Entry Level Cost: $99.00



The SolarBox is the world’s most affordable and powerful solar powered speaker that combines excellent audio quality, rugged construction, Bluetooth connectivity, and many other features for outdoor activities. Just place the SolarBox in sunlight for 10 minutes, and it can play music continuously for 30 minutes*. With SolarBox, you can enjoy music freely either indoor or outdoor!

Entry Level Cost: $49.00


AuricSound A7

A7 Vacuum Tube Amp Stereo Systems Stereo Hybrid Warm & Rich Sound XLR Hi-Res System The AuricSound A7 was designed, from the outset, to support as Tube pre-Amp with XLR out and Integrated amplifier with fully-balanced analog circuitry pre-Amp, high power analog / digital amp and XLR balanced outputs.

Entry Level Cost: $192.00


Hidizs AP200

Why we've built the AP200: Audio that comes from portable devices tend to not sound great. At Hidizs, we’re trying to change this by designing our own portable music player that enhances the music listening experience. We believe that no one should ever compromise on sound quality.

Entry Level Cost: $239.00


mXers Audio

For the first time, earbuds are able to change and adapt to fit your preferences at your fingertips! Each connection is formed out of our special McX connectors, created to maintain a secure grip and seamless performance.

Entry Level Cost: $20.00



Introducing ORION360 a compact, powerful 360° speaker system for multi-directional, HI-DEF audio that sounds larger than the source (120 watts) with a built-in advanced Gesture control technology (GTEK) that will simply blow your mind! Free of any buttons or confusing controls, you can instruct ORION360 to Play, Pause, Skip track, Control volume and even attend incoming phone calls by just swiping your finger! Just incorporate gestures into your dance moves! (Like KINECT for Music system) Unlike many other portable Bluetooth speakers, it uses a smart contactless charging plate, so you can literally grab it and go! Welcome to the Future!

Entry Level Cost: $136.00



It can be difficult trying to carve out a little time in the day just for you. Where you might enjoy a book or podcast? How about at night, in that drowsy state before you fall asleep in bed? Pop in your Nightbudd and escape for a while in the comfort of your own bed. With Bluetooth connectivity built into a single comfortable headphone, Nightbudd gives you a pleasant night-time listening experience while remaining tangle free of any cables. The benefit of only having to occupy one ear, means you are free to sleep on your side, back or front while at the same time keeping your other ear free.

Entry Level Cost: $21.00



THE WORLD'S FIRST GRAPHENE HEADPHONES ORA GQ Headphones uses nanotechnology to deliver the most groundbreaking audio listening experience. Scientists have long promised that one day Graphene will find its way into many facets of our lives including displays, electronic circuits and sensors. ORA’s Graphene technology makes it one of the first companies to have created a commercially viable application for this Nobel-prize winning material, a major scientific achievement.

Entry Level Cost: $272.00



Liberty+ will be the world's first zero-compromise total-wireless earphones; the solution to everything that is wrong with current total-wireless earphones. Get ready to cut the cord.

Entry Level Cost: $99.00



The compact AuricSound S7 unveils astonishing layers of detail in music, opening up the soundstage, improving instrument separation, and propelling rhythm with irresistible energy. Hear your favorite songs as if for the first time, and get fresh insight on the music you love. There’s Twin ESS SABRE® Reference 32bit ES9028Q2M 768kHz DSD512 22.5/24.5MHz DACs and amps offer balanced output. The AuricSound S7 will satisfy anyone who loves music, and those who are curious to hear just how good their headphones can sound.

Entry Level Cost: $164.00



Ever wonder what happens in your brain when you listen to music? The answer is synchrony. This is what enables us to hear the beat, recognize rhythmic patterns, and dance to music. Synchrony™ is the only LED controller that uses a state-of-the-art neural network that synchronizes its internal rhythms to the rhythms of music so that it can hear music the way people do. In a way, it enables you to visualize what is happening in your brain when you listen to music.

Entry Level Cost: $99.00



THE WORLD'S MOST IMMERSIVE 3D EARPHONES FIT FOR YOU iNova combines ground-breaking patented technology with an outer-ear vibration transmitter to send a unique pattern of sound waves through all parts of the ear for clear, rich, and true 3D immersive sound. Experience sounds like never before. Experience the big game while at the office or the excitement of the concert while cleaning the dishes. Make every listening moment as good as being "there" live!

Entry Level Cost: $40.00


Handmade Durable Headphones with Controls & Microphone

Hello, my name is Randy May, creator of Double Tap Audio. Our company was successfully funded via a small kickstarter campaign for our Double Tap R1 headphones. Since then, we have had lots of requests to make a set of headphones with the same quality of our R1, but with an inline microphone and controls. We have worked for months on designing and prototyping an inline system that would hold up to our high standards of durability, along with keeping the headphones comfortable and reliable. We are very proud to introduce our newest headphones, the Double Tap R1M. Keeping with the original idea of the R1, the R1M's are made tough. Built from real brass bullet casings and custom made billet aluminum parts, our R1M’s have a solid premium feel without sacrificing durability. Our R1 and R1M's share the same high-quality, multi-layer cord. This cord is made from a protective nylon sheath and flexible silicone wire. This allows the nylon sheath to take most of strain and stress while the silicone wire floats freely inside. This combination of materials also allows our cord to out last and withstand more than most other cords on the market. The cord is also tangle-resistant, so no more dealing with a tangled mess every time you want to use your headphones. Also, every set comes with magnetic-backed earphones to allow for clean storage, or you can use this to hang the headphones around your neck when they're not in use.

Entry Level Cost: $55.00


RDS Drum Samples and Loops Product Launch

I'm Ron DiSilvestro a Drummer, Studio Engineer & Producer with 20+ years of experience. RDS Drum Samples and Loops was created when I wanted better sounding Drum Samples and Loops with more flexibility. Years later, I have accumulated hundreds of amazing sounding Drum Samples and Loops that I want to bring to the home recording enthusiast, all the way to the seasoned pro. I wanted to create a product that was not only versatile, but easy to use and never compromising on the providing the highest quality product.

Entry Level Cost: $5.00