choose the best retail locations



About the Project

Software to help choose retail locations.

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  • Founder: Arnaud Trousset
  • Company: Geomatrix
  • Goal: $24,856.00
  • Entry Level Price: $29.00
  • Campaign Ended On: November 12, 2018
  • Delivery Date: November 2018

"About the Project" and "Claims" content are taken from the campagin as is.

Reality Check

  • Claim:

    Lokaplace – choose the best retail locations for your new business. A local solution.

  • Reality:

    As the concept itself seems to fill a need for many business, the information to how this will be done and a thorough explanation of how Lokaplace works is missing.

Bottom Line

Lokaplace is created by Arnaud Trousset a founder/leader of several organizations that help businesses find locations. For this project, in its current state, there is too much information missing to potentially be successful. This page needs a video of explanation or equivalent visual breakdown as well as detailed information of how Lokaplace intends to work and what it will look, feel, and act like.

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