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About the Project

Coding is not as hard as you think. Feeling stuck in life? Maybe you're working three jobs to make ends meet. I'm sure you've heard how much developers make these days … Want to get in on that action? We at Mammoth Interactive are excited to launch our course series 'Hello Coding: Anyone can learn to code.' This series has five levels that take you through a holistic curriculum of development. In Hello Coding, students learn web, app, game, and Artificial Intelligence development.

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  • Founder: John Bura
  • Company: Mammoth Interactive
  • Goal: $378.00
  • Entry Level Price: $39.00
  • Campaign Ended On: July 12, 2017
  • Delivery Date: October 2017

"About the Project" and "Claims" content are taken from the campagin as is.

Reality Check

  • Claim:

    Level 1: Train in a new way, learn coding fundamentals, and learn how to make money.

  • Reality:

    There are a lot of courses and tutorials on the market today, as well as free. Hello Coding is attempting to make those courses that are difficult and hard to follow, much more accessible and practical. The fundamentals of coding are taught based on a healthy track record from John Bura, the founder of Mammoth Interactive and the Hello Coding Campaign. Learning how to make money is a variable in this claim, with making it sound more black and white than it is. Consider that the ability to learn about making money and making money, are two completely different things.

  • Claim:

    Level 2: Learn web development, Earn money

  • Reality:

    The fundamental languages of web development are HTML, CSS, and Javascript. With a proven track record on Udemy of teaching and helping others learn, Hello Coding seemingly has a good starting point to learn these basics. Earning money, however, is a much more difficult element to teach. Consider the differences of what is potentially taught and what is potentially guaranteed.

  • Claim:

    Level 3: Become the app developer you know you can be, Learn these in-demand languages, build these apps for these platforms: IOS, WEB, and Android, and Build apps, and watch your portfolio grow.

  • Reality:

    App developing is a newer element of application for coding and is a great focus of learning. Keep in mind that this requires more languages to learn. It is easy to read into the different levels as quick fixes, but as always with learning, it requires high level of commitment and persistence.

  • Claim:

    Level 4: Level-up your career by learning game development, Build games and art in easy-to-use engines, and build 3 casual games.

  • Reality:

    Gaming is an area that can produce a lot of reward. Keep in mind, as previously mentioned, there are new elements to learn how to use here including Adobe software systems that have a learning curve of their own.

Something To Think About

Hello Coding offers the reward of building games when ready, which adds to motivation to learn and complete the different levels of courses.

  • Claim:

    Level 5: Learn to code in Google's programming language, Learn frameworks and artificial intelligence, and Be one of the few people with AI on their resume.

  • Reality:

    There is a reason not very many people have AI on their resume. The time that will be dedicated to complete all levels to get to this point will require total dedication. Hello Coding is offering the ability to learn what you need to in a easier way to achieve what you want to achieve.

Bottom Line

Hello Coding and the team that manages Mammoth Interactive are offering an opportunity to learn all the basics and further details required to code everything from web to apps to AI. As does every element of education, the end result is dependent on follow through of the user/student. Consider that each tier of pledge offers great rewards, but that will also require great time and dedication. John Bura's consistent history help build a solid foundation for the potential of Hello Coding to help provide certain tools that are necessary.

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