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About the Project

BRID is the world's most efficient compact indoor air purifier. Its patented Nano-structured ceramic filters effectively break down Carbon Monoxide, Bacteria, Pollutants, organic odors (and more) into harmless substances. They don't stick to the filters or collect on metal plates: they are vaporized, really gone! You won't need to buy replacements, our patented filters last virtually forever. BRID is also the first Photocatalytic purifier that does not produce ozone. Thanks to our modified TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) treatment, BRID doesn't use UV lights.

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  • Founder: Maurizio Maranghi
  • Company: Atellani
  • Goal: $90,000.00
  • Entry Level Price: $289.00
  • Campaign Ended On: September 23, 2017
  • Delivery Date: February 2018

"About the Project" and "Claims" content are taken from the campagin as is.

Reality Check

  • Claim:

    Does not create Ozone

  • Reality:

    One of the risks of air purifiers that use UV light to "bake" particles to ceramic filters is the creation of Ozone in the process. BRID AIR has a patent pending which allows for the use of the process without the creation of Ozone, which is often considered as dangerous as the pollutants that are originally removed. Instead of UV, BRID AIR uses an LED process that takes a potential step ahead of competitors.

  • Claim:

    Working Protoype

  • Reality:

    Video of a working, full functioning prototype has been viewed during a BRID AIR testing.

  • Claim:

    The World's most advanced Air Purifier that eliminates Carbon Monoxide, Bacteria, Pollutants, Odors and doesn't need placement filters

  • Reality:

    The reality, as usual, is anytime a claim of "The World's most" is included in a title is highly intensifying the possibilities of risk. The world has a variety of highly advanced air purifying systems that have received a great deal of research and development.

Something To Think About

The idea of using this in a vehicle is a beneficial feature and suggestion for the BRID AIR.

  • Claim:

    BRID is the world's most efficient compact indoor air purifier.

  • Reality:

    Again, "The World's Most" introduces a potential riskiness to the claim. Consider the possibilities of inaccuracy in statements like the aforementioned. With that being noted, the design, testing, and further testing that is supporting the BRID AIR Purifier, tracks back for the last 2 years at a research facility known as Ce.Ri.Col and is based in Italy.

  • Claim:

    They don't stick to the filters or collect on metal plates: they are vaporized, really gone!

  • Reality:

    The reality here is that things being vaporized have to go somewhere. Our technology has not allowed us to completely make substances disappear. Ceramic filters will eventually require washing off.

  • Claim:

    BRID air-purifier: There's never been anything like it before. With exclusive ground breaking technology and its unique modular design, there's finally an air-purifier that lets YOU control the quality of the air YOU breathe.

  • Reality:

    The technology that is exclusive and groundbreaking is one of the first to attempt creating an air purifying system with several key and unique features, in a compact and potentially mobile device.

Bottom Line

BRID AIR has a great design, an advantageous price point, but also several bold statements that resulted in further review. "The World's Most Advanced", "The First Air Purifier of its Kind", "The World's most efficient compact indoor air purifier", "There's never been anything like it before", are just a few of the claims in this campaign that are represented as bold. However, there are certain elements of the BRID AIR that do add up to some of these bold claims as mentioned. Early campaigns by the Creator have led to a substantial amount of question and can be seen in the link at the end of the paragraph, yet the more recent campaigns managed by the founder have led to a higher percentage of satisfied backers, and much better results. In the comments of this current campaign, the creator of BRID AIR, has confirmed that the first couple campaigns resulted poorly from working with certain groups, and have since focused on internal R&D as well as engineering, so now Atellani is separate from those groups who disappointed the backers. BRID AIR is a purifier that has received a great deal of research by credible scientists and engineers in order to create healthy air for all who use the device.

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