Featured Project



Prototype is ready! We've developed SmartMote, an affordable universal remote that transforms existing “not-so-smart” devices to Alexa enabled smart home devices. Together with the smartphone app, you can control these devices anywhere, anytime.

Entry Level Cost: $29.00



SeaTalkie is a walkie-talkie for water sports, with IPX8-class waterproof function. As well as a combination of User Experience Design elements, making it more suitable for water sports.

Entry Level Cost: $54.00



Technology is supposed to simplify our lives. But phones steal us from reality demanding more and more attention. We got tired of wasting time using bulky car mounts that were supposed to make our lives simpler. So we’ve decided to find a solution and developed a gadget that will make your driving experience safer and more comfortable.

Entry Level Cost: $29.00



BlinkLight is a premium led belt powered by Li-Po battery, remote controller and Arduino open source. Bike lights are engineered to be 360° visible and increase other traffic user’s attention. For day and night use. Designed to be worn on you or on a bike. From now on you don't need to take off your hands from the handlebar while making a turn. So minimalistic, so simple, so effective and so affordable!

Entry Level Cost: $25.00



We are LumNkey. We want to create a new generation of smart- technology that is affordable for everyone in the form of our futuristic key design. Our innovative design could help to improve your way of life on a daily basis. Our inspiration is born out of a simple frustration: not being able to find your keys in the dark. We now want to take our solution to the next level, and provide an easy-to-use device that is available to everyone. This is the smart key of the future.

Entry Level Cost: $10.00


Personal Portable Solar

The Maverick builds off the technical and sales success of the Forty2, but makes is more accessible to more people. By making a more compact version, the Maverick can be stored in your car when traveling in bad weather, taken to your picnic to keep food (and you) cool, or camping for some sanity with the kids.

Entry Level Cost: $499.00


Rezzimax® TUNER

The Rezzimax TUNER is a portable, easy to use hand-held device that uses vibration to "tune" your body into comfort, much like one tunes a violin. Many of our useres who suffer from symptoms like migraines, jaw pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, TMJ, ADD/ADHD, stress, depression, anxiety, simply loved the soothing targeted massage that the Rezzimax TUNER provides.

Entry Level Cost: $149.00



They say ' eyes are our window of the soul '! That is why we invented the iProtect light. It's wireless and easily accessible to use freely while being at home or outdoors. The iProtect light has a patent granted for its silicon base and movement. The silicon base allows a 0-180° fold up angle which brings flexibility to your needs.

Entry Level Cost: $51.00



We were able to communicate with the factory and are able to lower our goal to get Stukkit to market. Stukkit is compatible with all phones, and Stukkit will hold tablets with similar in weight and size as IPAD Air, IPAD Mini, big IPAD PRO and Surface PRO. And our profile picture was taken with Stukkit. So stick Stukkit on the back of your phone and go anywhere and use anywhere with flat surface.

Entry Level Cost: $3.00



Chill your beverages in under 30 seconds! Can chill your drinks below freezing temperatures! Includes a built-in thermometer that lets you pour out your drink at the desired temperature. Built with wine-grade stainless steel interior and proprietary ProntoGel. You can also get ProntoAer, the world's fastest aerator!

Entry Level Cost: $79.00



Designed for personal steady exercise, VHOOP is a personal fitness device with enhanced technology. VHOOP will allow you to manage your own exercise data while having fun with your friends and family. Due to the design, exercising has never been so convenient and easy.

Entry Level Cost: $65.00


Morrison Electric Cargo Bike

In 1890, a gentleman named William Morrison invented one of the first functional electric cars, a vehicle that predated the Model T. He was a chemist who created revolutionary battery technology for the time period. He and I have a few things in common... My name is William Morrison (no relation to the car maker but he's my spirit animal) and I also created my own electric vehicle. I live in Los Angeles, have two kids, and I haven’t owned a car for two years!

Entry Level Cost: $3,000.00



Traditional stereo speakers are annoying for their bulky size and fixed sound field. Do we always have to sacrifice convenience for stereo listening experience? Of course not! We created GEMINI speakers to make the stereo sound more flexible and accessible for you to enjoy and share easily. Now, are you ready to fuel up with stereo sound anytime and adjust it to your preference?

Entry Level Cost: $49.00


MP Mypole

MP MyPole is the ultimate selfie stick with a built-in auto-extension unit and Bluetooth wireless connection. Using MyPole, you can reach the perfect length between you and your camera and take the perfect selfie with a single press of a button. No more messy wire connection needed. Adjusting the length of your selfie stick with your own hands is a thing of the past. The MP MyPole creates a brand new unbelievable experience of selfie taking.

Entry Level Cost: $69.00



BrewQube is a convenient, interactive counter top draft beer system that is brilliantly designed to enhance the way you enjoy your favorite craft beer at home or on the go.

Entry Level Cost: $575.00



What Woof is about Driven by passion for skating. The team behind Woof Boards wanted to provide a sleek and light electric skateboard at economical prices. We want to expand the ways that people commute daily and we believe that Woof Boards might be a possible solution.

Entry Level Cost: $345.00



With MagC, you can connect your device and USB-C magnetically, while retaining the charging function and high-speed data transfer. Compatible with Thunderbolt 3.

Entry Level Cost: $29.00


Raspberry Shake 4D

We are back by popular demand with our latest creation - The Raspberry Shake 4D! Pick up the next generation of Raspberry Shake, a personal home Earth monitor combined with IoT technologies made by OSOP, at a HUGE discount! Our previous Kickstarter campaign was a resounding success- a Kickstarter Staff Pick that overshot its funding goal by 1,400%! Thanks to your support we brought you Raspberry Shake, the world’s smallest professional-grade personal Earth monitoring device.

Entry Level Cost: $25.00



BrewArt is the world's first fully automated personal brewing system. It is a complete system that enables you to brew your own pub quality beer at the touch of a button. You can monitor and control your brew from a smart phone and then keg and dispense without requiring CO2. Choosing your favorite beer can be as simple as scrolling through the range of BrewPrints or developing your own customized brew.

Entry Level Cost: $495.00


Aumi Mini

Meet the Aumi Mini. A smart wifi notification light and nightlight. The mini can plug into any USB port to become an instant smart night light or notification light. Connect to your network and trigger alerts for weather, smartlocks, calendars, social media mentions, security important emails, stock market, thermostats etc...

Entry Level Cost: $20.00



NINTENDO SWITCH is an awesome gaming console, we love it! It provides different gaming modes to fulfill players’ needs, allowing us to enjoy the games anytime and anywhere. The handheld mode is always our favorite, but we found because of its size and flat back, it is difficult to hold the console and play the games for a long period of time making our hands too tied from holding the SWITCH. Which got us thinking, why not make a case, not only to protect the SWITCH but also providing two comfortable grips on the SWITCH, just like the PS4 and XB1 joy-cons.

Entry Level Cost: $30.00



The goal of the project is to create a prototype of an handmade exclusive electric skateboard. The prototype will be the basis for further productions of exclusive boards. Every board will be tailor made to meet the customer's every wish in both design and performance. Every produced board will be made in very close relation with the customer.

Entry Level Cost: $12.00



Introducing the World's thinnest and lightest iPhone battery case with wireless charging.

Entry Level Cost: $42.00


Argus (Canceled)

When driving, don’t you often get frustrated by the blind spots that cannot be fully reflected by vehicle’s rearview mirror when changing lanes or backing up? Especially when the car is packed with passengers or cargos, the driver’s view is often hindered and the rearview mirror seems to be obsolete? Even worse, when there is a child or dog behind the vehicle, the rearview mirror simply cannot see them and thus cause irretrievable grief? Argus had heard your voice and decided to develop a revolutionary “full-screen display mirror” to solve this nearly century issue! This hybrid rearview mirror system is designed to eliminate the blind spots of any traditional rearview mirror, displaying real-time images captured by the rear camera, providing full and wide-angle views of the back of vehicle.

Entry Level Cost: $299.00