An Immersive Personal Theater Headset



About the Project

INTRODUCING CINERA The headset that’s about to disrupt the entire home theater industry. The Movie-Lover's Dilemma If you love movies, you know that home theaters have long been playing catch up with movie theaters themselves. Few things are more relaxing than watching the movies you love from the comfort of your own home, on your own time and without spending a dime. But when you manage to overcome the inconvenience and expense of getting into a movie theater, it’s a cinematic experience like no other. What’s a movie lover to do? With CINERA, You Can Have It All

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  • Founder: Lin LIN
  • Company: Cinera, Inc.
  • Goal: $50,000.00
  • Entry Level Price: $399.00
  • Campaign Ended On: September 18, 2017
  • Delivery Date: November 2017

"About the Project" and "Claims" content are taken from the campagin as is.

Reality Check

  • Claim:

    5K UHD

  • Reality:

    This is a reality that has been missing in other VR formats. Since the display in a VR headset is literally inches away from the eyes, highest resolution possible is important so the end user is not taken out of the immersive experience.

  • Claim:


  • Reality:

    Not literally, but as a perspective, yes. The closeness of the dual screens allows for the view to seem large.

  • Claim:


  • Reality:

    In comparison with Oculus and Vive, the Cinera screens have 4x the pixels per degree.

  • Claim:


  • Reality:

    The element of the burden free arm, is a well thought piece of the Cinera. It can be beneficial for some but an annoyance to others. Consider the fact that if you are on the sofa, that every time you adjust or move, adjust the arm would also be required. It also allows room for the light to seep in since it is not snug with the face.

  • Claim:

    FPV Head Mount

  • Reality:

    The head mount must be purchased separately. It will enable activities like flying drones in first person. With a 4 hour battery and 9 axis gimbal the FPV Head Mount could offer competition to other similar headsets.

Bottom Line

Cinera is an immersive device that allows the end user to enjoy the benefit of a theater from home. The technology exists for this to be a solid project, with specific use. Keep in mind that the head mount is a separate purchase. The price point is on the high end of the spectrum, but the attention to detail for the Cinera design is as well.

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