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About this project Honey, I Shrunk the Lasers! No more assembly instructions to be followed. No more desktops to be occupied. We made it light, tiny, and beautiful. It fits perfectly in every studio, workshop, and your hand! Let me show you how cool this magic cube can be.

Entry Level Cost: $249.00



Our Bondic® journey started with Dr. Tom, a dentist in Germany. One day a patient asked if he could take some of the dental bonding material home and borrow a spare UV light to try something he was working on. When the patient came back and asked for a few gallons of the material Dr. Tom was stunned. “I mean that’s 10 dentists, 10 lifetimes worth of material; what on earth can he need so much of it for and if he needs it I wonder how many other people in the world can use something like this!” And that is the true origin of Bondic®. Turns out this person used it under a microscope to attach wires to a microchip. So that journey turned into a 3 year endeavor to create Bondic®, the world's first liquid plastic welder that works on almost anything- although it's not very good on teeth now just to let you know! Bondic® is a convenient, yet powerful tool that uses a unique liquid formula which, when exposed to a special UV light, is transformed into hard plastic in just 4 seconds. Bondic® was unveiled at the 2014 National Hardware Show in the USA. Here, we were very proud to take home the Retailers Choice Award for Most Innovative New Product and featured in the July Edition of the Hardware Retailing Magazine. Since then Bondic® has also been highlighted by publications like Gizmodo, Gear Diary, Ask Men, Werd, Tools In Action, BAUSVAULT, OH GIZMO, ENTweak, Extreme How-To Blog, Trend Hunter, Gizmag, Slash Gear & Gear Hungry and featured on The Shopping Channel with very positive reviews..

Entry Level Cost: $11.00



Ever since I can remember, the "tracks" in the toilet bowl after use have been not only unhygienic but also unavoidable. The necessary removal of the "tracks" with a toilet brush and the consequences of doing so are, however, even much more unsanitary: splatters, drops, soiled brushes and brush holders, nasty odours, bacterial and germ growth. In search of a solution, we addressed this "problem" to friends, relatives and acquaintances. No solution - everyone seems to have the same problem. It’s a well-known fact that faecal matter contains dangerous (even life-threatening) bacteria and germs. For this reason we were looking to save our children, other people and ourselves from the risk of infection. Hygiene is an indispensable method of protection. Before we started using the WC-Stick, we did own a toilet brush, however this was reserved for guests and after each visit (if they used it) we disposed of it and bought a new one. It was time to really do something. Somewhere out there on the Internet you should certainly be able buy something like a "disposable toilet brush" to solve the problem indefinitely. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find anything that met our expectations. All we could find were the so-called bristle-free toilet brushes, which ALL still create the same unhygienic problems - to this day - and that is the direct contact with faeces. A non-stick coating doesn’t change anything about this fact either. The results are always the same. The used brush stands/hangs next to the toilet, and contact, especially the part of the brush that is used to remove faeces, is always avoided with disgust (and logically so), even if it has been treated with a non-stick coating. That’s when we came up with the WC-Stick.

Entry Level Cost: $17.00