Featured Project


Waylens Secure360

Secure360 captures everything happening, all the time, even when your car is parked and you’re nowhere nearby. If an unusual event is detected, the Secure360 notifies your smartphone in real-time, using the built-in 4G-LTE connection, so you can see what’s going on.

Entry Level Cost: $149.00



We are back on Kickstarter! And this time we are going worldwide. At Frii Designs we're on a mission to give photographers around the world the opportunity to experiment more when they're in the heat of the moment. Many of us have a collection of amazing lenses - each with a specific purpose. But on location you can't risk missing the moment. You need to move FAST and there is no time to fiddle around with lens caps and bulky bags! We have designed a product that makes carrying and SWITCHING lenses an extremely smooth and fast process. Designed by carefully studying the workflow of professional photographers – we now present the TriLens ™

Entry Level Cost: $105.00


CardGear Duo

In the beginning of 2017, we launched a project called CardGear Slim. Thanks to our supporters, the project was funded. Because of the high demand of the SD Card holder version, we have created this project "CardGear Duo". It is a SD card and USB holder. We really like this project and think everyone will like it too. CardGear Duo is perfect for photographers who have many SD cards and carry them also everywhere they go. CardGear Duo is also great for most of us who like to carry mini USBs between work and home.

Entry Level Cost: $3.00



Sometimes, perfect photo opportunities can pass by in a flash. We’ve all been there: we spot something we’d love to photograph but by the time we’ve grabbed our SLR out of the bag, adjusted the focus and framed the shot, the moment has passed. Or we might use our smartphone to take a quick pic but the resolution just isn’t great. Our solution? We want to produce a professional-grade lens that will put the “Insta” back into Instagram! We want to bring the spontaneity back to photography while maintaining the highest standards of photo creation. The C.P. Goerz CITOGRAPH 35 is a revolutionary type of lens – the next big thing in photography. The angle of view corresponds with your natural viewing angle.

Entry Level Cost: $249.00



The history of projection is filled with innovations for transporting images through light – from magic lanterns, cinematographs, and slide projectors to modern 4k projectors. And yet, projection still has limits, such as high cost, material fragility, high energy consumption, and bulky size. Plus, digital image quality is significantly lower compared to analogue. And regardless of all the technological progress, projection is still geared towards watching videos indoors, ignoring the imaginative possibilities of outdoor projection. VISIO has been created to overcome all these limits, and to bring still projection out of the shadow of animated projection.

Entry Level Cost: $245.00



Every so often, an invention comes along that sells itself. “This makes so much sense,” customers will say. “Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?” That’s what we expected to hear when we told the world about the next step in do-it-yourself security: The TOVNET Light Bulb Security Camera. What if we told you anyone could install a full-featured, remotely operated security system in their home, office, garage, back yard or shed just by flipping a switch? That was our vision for our new security technology. We set out to design a device that would combine all the best features of an LED bulb and an independent wireless security camera and we like to think we’ve succeeded.

Entry Level Cost: $110.00


Tamaggo 360 Live Camera

Tamaggo 360LiveCam is a unique 360° technology perfectly designed in a beautiful egg-shaped object. Inspired by the Swiss manufacturing, we believe high technology shall meet perfect aesthetics to create iconic products. The Tamaggo 360LiveCam egg-shape design was crafted to fit ergonomically into any hand. Its one-click user friendliness makes capturing 360 photos and videos spontaneous, truly immersing the viewer into the action. Additionally, its sleek iconic design integrates a self-standing ring, so you don’t need to keep it in your hand. Simply place the Tamaggo 360LiveCam down and let it capture the whole scene while you live in the moment, letting others share in real-time from afar.

Entry Level Cost: $299.00


SP-2810- 8x10 Film Processing System

The SP-2810 will process two sheets of 8x10 or 4 sheets of 5x7 sheet film in two liters of chemistry. It sounds simple. Just take the SP-445 and make it bigger! Not so fast. Things don't usually scale up that easily and this is no exception. To put it in perspective, the steel mold for the SP-445 tank (just the tank) weighs around 485 lbs; the mold for the SP-2810 tank is expected to tip the scales at 3000 lbs. This is a much more complicated project.

Entry Level Cost: $117.00


Light Anchor

Light Anchor was invented out of necessity 7 years ago at my small portrait studio in Holland Ohio. Light and reflector stands are cumbersome to carry around and asking parents and friends to hold reflectors gets old real quick! I needed a quick way to stabilize and move reflectors exactly where I needed them and not worrying about wind etc. With the money raised we plan to move Light Anchors back into production and move forward with marketing/trade shows etc. I truly feel in today's environment many pros do not have extra money to pay for assistants or the ability to haul around heavy sand bags to keep stand in place. Light Anchor is a simple idea but also a revolutionary one.

Entry Level Cost: $35.00



We invented an alternative to the uncomfortable and cumbersome headstrap mount used for GoPros and action cameras. We wanted to make filming hands-free and capturing that epic moment as easy as popping on a hat!

Entry Level Cost: $32.00