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About the Project

AIMA is your virtual Career Coach with Artificial Intelligence. You will never feel like you are missing out on career opportunities again. AIMA matches and easily finds the job that you will love. Let the jobs find you! At any time, AIMA will show you in one overview new job opportunities based on your talent, skills and soon, also based on personality.

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  • Founder: Johannes Anna Gerardus Stoffels
  • Company: 8vance
  • Goal: $27,977.00
  • Entry Level Price: $6.00
  • Campaign Ended On: July 21, 2017
  • Delivery Date: June 2017

"About the Project" and "Claims" content are taken from the campagin as is.

Reality Check

  • Claim:

    AIMA (boy 8vance) matches and easily finds the job that you love.

  • Reality:

    Loving a job is a difficult scenario to align for anyone at any given point. A bold claim like a guarantee to love the job you apply for is tricky. That being said, there is a possibility of aligning certain attributes with certain requirements, although technically there are other ways of achieving this same result.

  • Claim:

    What if you lack experience? No big deal, because AIMA focusses mostly on skills and ambition

  • Reality:

    Even while AIMA is focusing on skills and ambition, the power is lacking in terms of what an employer is looking for. An employer is still looking for certain prerequisites that will inevitably affect ones application and potential hiring.

  • Claim:

    You are free to contact the company directly, but if you allow it, the job that loves you will reach out to you.

  • Reality:

    This an option that is always available.

Something To Think About

Many existing staffing services or recruiting sites provide similar or equivalent opportunities.

  • Claim:

    When you show your career DNA, a detailed digital CV, AIMA will search the internet and her network, to find you the best matching current job opportunities.

  • Reality:

    The tech to compare and analyze results is a readily available element.

  • Claim:

    The more you interact the smarter she gets

  • Reality:

    This is common now in AI and should be achievable and make for a much better experience in the app and in your search for a new job.

  • Claim:

    Fluent in 3 languages

  • Reality:

    There are many supporting technologies to make this accessible.

Bottom Line

AIMA is a relevant idea that caters to a growing culture of high mobile device usage for every day activities. Applying for a job is not an every day occurrence, but it is a regular thing. Technology supports the idea, but it is important to remember that it will typically come down to a person making the decision to hire someone or not. Technology goes only so far, as does properly filling out content of AIMA or any recruiting software.

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