Featured Project


The Wyoming Singer-Songwriter Competition

A project to archive all music from the 2018 Wyoming Singer-Songwriter Competition.

Entry Level Cost: $100.00


David Burchfield's first album in 6 years

My band and I are going to record a full length record with producer Joshua James at his studio in Utah. I'll be bringing the whole band out for several days to record the best versions of the best songs I've written out of all of the last 6 years off of recording, but especially from the last two years of new vision, new purpose, new hope for a future in music.

Entry Level Cost: $4.00


Kunde Brand

Kunde is a brand of ukuleles, designed in Barcelona and with a lifestyle of its own. Our main source of inspiration is music. We believe that music connects people. We not only like to listen to it, but to create it. Although we are not singers or professional musicians, we greatly enjoy cultivating our musical intelligence, disconnecting the autopilot to take control of our lives and connect with our essence and with the people around us.

Entry Level Cost: $70.00


Immersive Story Telling with Sound

Since 2010 I have made a mix of some odd songs mainly ambient and a little beat. Now it is a matter of finding the funds to allow me to break through the barrier of standard stereo channels that I have been tied down to for so long. The missing piece, a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) plugin called ‘DearVR Pro’ by Dear Reality.

Entry Level Cost: $10.00