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Self-Sanitizing Toothbrush Station



About the Project

A solar powered toothbrush holder that shines uv light when motion is detected.

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  • Founder: Daryl Wilder
  • Company: TidyTech
  • Goal: $5,000.00
  • Entry Level Price: $39.00
  • Campaign Ended On: November 3, 2018
  • Delivery Date: January 2019

"About the Project" and "Claims" content are taken from the campagin as is.

Reality Check

  • Claim:

    TidyTech is a self-sanitizing toothbrush station that uses UV lights to kill 99.9% of all bacteria and germs on your toothbrush.

  • Reality:

    The TidyTech does not introduce anything new. UV light has been proven to kill bacteria/germs but, the power of the UV light in the TidyTech sanitizing station is uncertain and dependent on "solar" power to operate. Plus, there are very similar products currently on sale on Amazon and Alibaba.

Bottom Line

TidyTech is a remodeled version of products that already exist on Amazon and other locations. The product itself leaves room for testing before claiming to kill germs, even though UV light is capable.

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