Featured Project



Maya Montero designs high quality style dresses for women and children for a practical price.

Entry Level Cost: $58.00



A book to memorialize Toronto's Galleria Mall

Entry Level Cost: $23.00


Haunted Bodies

A hardcover collection of vulnerable drawings and poetry about pain and healing, drawn and written by artist Christina Mrozik.

Entry Level Cost: $15.00


Lost And Crowned

At the beginning of the summer I wanted to create something that featured a light-up element to wear to festivals and events. I made the light blue crown that you see in some of these pictures featuring LED lights that lit the whole thing up. I found that: Lots of people wanted to wear or try the crown out Two people tried to steal my crown It was a great help in dark spots such as badly lit festival toilets It worked great as a battery-operated camp fire to huddle around at night If I wore it upside down I looked like a viking warrior

Entry Level Cost: $33.00


The Mortality Machine

We’ve all experienced loss, grief, and fear of death. The Mortality Machine allows you to explore those by stepping into the role of a character in our world and investigating a basement laboratory where that character lost a loved one five years ago. We’ll immerse you in the 360-degree illusion of an otherworldly place and, as you solve the mystery of the Machine, you’ll begin to encounter our concept of the afterlife.

Entry Level Cost: $20.00



WE BELIEVE ART HAS THE POWER TO WAKE PEOPLE UP! Kids in America spend an average of 1,200 hours a year in school. In today's climate of unprecedented fear and division, what they see - or don't see - on their classroom walls matters more than ever. With your help, we plan to cover at least TWENTY THOUSAND of those walls with new icons: images of ten young leaders representing ten diverse movements, each carrying the hopes of their generation, each already building us a better world.

Entry Level Cost: $1.00


Adagio Made

Natural, sustainable, timeless and luxurious knitted clothing. Fibre to garments, all in one place. Welcome to Slow Fashion.

Entry Level Cost: $69.00