Using hundreds of songs, stories and lessons, Codi provides developmental support for your kids outside of the classroom

Entry Level Cost: $69.00


Luke's Boxes

A DIY maker LunchBox for kids to express their artistic creativity, while raising funds to help combat Multiple Sclerosis.

Entry Level Cost: $40.00



ToiLift® is a hands-free toilet seat lifter. A more hygienic and comfortable way of lifting and putting down toilet seats anywhere.

Entry Level Cost: $25.00


Comfort Touch

Comfort Touch Scarf is a unique product developed by InLab Design. It's classic and stylish look also feels as good as its name. Our scarf is specially designed to keep you extra warm when the temperature around you drops, whether you are commuting, at work or out having fun with friends and family.

Entry Level Cost: $98.00



DUO is a portable secondary laptop monitor. More and more people work off of their laptops in cafes, co-working spaces and at home. No longer are people tied to working in office environments. This increased flexibility means that most people will now have readily available access to a secondary monitor, which can increase productivity by up to 50%. The DUO will provide the extra screen real estate, while maintaining the the mobility laptops provide, for anywhere work takes them.

Entry Level Cost: $159.00


The Mighty Elf Kit

The Mighty Elf Kit will restore your sanity while preserving and indeed improving the Christmas Elf tradition. A kit containing 30 days’ worth of props, signs, report cards and letters with easy setup and simple instructions to make life easier.

Entry Level Cost: $30.00


The Gus & Eddy Podcast

We are Gus & Eddy, as seen on Gus and also as seen on Eddy. We make YouTube videos, and now we're making a podcast. Our video podcast will be published once a week on the new Gus & Eddy YouTube channel, and will feature many guests from YouTube, film, television, and beyond.

Entry Level Cost: $1.00



Turn your room temp drinks cold in as few as 30 minutes, and keep them perfectly chilled for hours. It's like a refrigerator on the go!

Entry Level Cost: $45.00



In Posthuman Saga you play as one of the last human survivors in a world where nature is reclaiming the planet and our mutated offspring are working to eradicate us.

Entry Level Cost: $59.00


Atari VCS

Gaming and Home Entertainment Streaming Device with Open Platform for Creativity and Customization!

Entry Level Cost: $199.00


Tesla Roadster

Designed for Performance and Aero Efficiency. As an all-electric supercar, Roadster maximizes the potential of aerodynamic engineering—with record-setting performance and efficiency.

Entry Level Cost: $250,000.00



The Sobro Smart Side Table is an ultimate next generation end table & nightstand that multi-tasks to support your connected lifestyle. With a wireless charging pad, super quiet cooling drawer, Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, and smart sleep features, the Sobro Smart Side Table is furniture designed to help you live better.

Entry Level Cost: $399.00



The #1 backed Dutch fashion project in Kickstarter history is back with a stain and odour repellent t-shirt that wicks away moisture.

Entry Level Cost: $42.00



About a year ago, we launched two campaigns on Skey multi-tool. The campaigns results were quite exciting, and through quite some trial and error, we have seen those campaigns through. From our amazing backers, we received a lot of encouraging praises, and quite some sincere suggestions.

Entry Level Cost: $9.00



The Somewear Global Hotspot offers 100% global coverage by connecting your smartphone directly to satellite networks. As long as you have a clear view of the sky, you're covered. When paired to the hotspot, you can communicate and access relevant information through the Somewear App. We've optimized the app to not only ensure a great user experience but also decrease the cost of using satellite data.

Entry Level Cost: $319.00


Aquabionic Abs

Aquatic hybrid water sports shoes|boots connect to fin-blade modules using ski-binding tech |aqua bionic|surf|snorkel|dive|swim|flipper

Entry Level Cost: $196.00



About the size of two decks of playing cards, the Event connects wirelessly to your devices to project anything from pictures or movies to presentations or spreadsheets. Weighing just under a pound, the Epic Event's compact and lightweight build makes it the perfect travel companion, providing you with a convenient way to share information and media anywhere and anytime.

Entry Level Cost: $429.00


ZBIKE: Worlds Best Electric Bicycle

ZBIKE has been designed with a single goal in mind. Provide riders of all ages with a high quality, eco-conscience alternative for reliable commuter transportation, recreational adventuring, and healthier lifestyles. The result is the most advanced, fully equipped and affordable electric bicycle on the market.

Entry Level Cost: $749.00


MDrill One

The MDrill One microphone’s beautiful design and proprietary VERTIGAIN® Technology promise to record unparalleled, broadcast quality audio. MDrill will consistently record up to 10% more clearly and accurately than other USB microphones. With MDrill, you do not have to worry about buying extra accessories to eliminate crackling, popping, vibrations, or background noises that affect the integrity of your recording; the mic is simply plug & play.

Entry Level Cost: $139.00


TOFU | Traveller & Charger

When I moved to Singapore a few years ago, Whenever I’m charging my mac, I am reminded of how bulky and inflexible the UK type plug is compared with my old US type plug used in Japan. The same problem lies in the EU and AU type plugs as well. As a minimalist and designer, this is space inefficiency and an eye sore. And the thing that bothers me the most, was that my precious MacBook was scratched by the protruding metallic UK pins. So to solve this problem, I started studying plug mechanism, on how to redesign the most efficient and elegant plugs for all types. After a year of relentless prototyping and extensive testing with the engineers, overcoming extreme technical challenges while keeping the final product simply elegant and user intuitive.

Entry Level Cost: $35.00


The Etchr Art Satchel & Field Case

Hello friends! We're Etchr Lab, the company dedicated to creating carry for artists...possibly one of the most neglected niches in the history of neglected niches. We think you deserve better. Welcome to our second Kickstarter! We've worked hard to get here and we hope you dig it.

Entry Level Cost: $48.00


The Lomo'Instant Square Camera

The Lomo’Instant Automatic Glass Spark Burn Snap Crackle Pop Dusk Dawn Doodle Ticket-To-Ride Aphrodisiac Sharp Shiver Dare Sugar Spice Yodel Dance Discombobulate Haphazard Compact Smart Focus Flash Blush Bumfuzzle Kerching Kerfuffle Unlimited Fabulous Festoon Forever-Or-Never Crave Colors Shenanigans Shrubbery Serendipity Shake Share Square Camera. Introducing the fully analogue Lomo'Instant Square: one square frame, make it your ticket to anywhere and everywhere.

Entry Level Cost: $139.00


Cold Brew on Tap

Dreamt up by a husband and wife team in Boston, the patent-pending Cold Brew on Tap was born out of our personal need for an easy-to-use cold brew maker that was big enough to get us through the week! Zero expertise and less than two minutes of simple prep is required to brew a batch of cold brew. The 12 inch tall Cold Brew on Tap fits perfectly on most fridge shelves and can make between 1 quart and 1 gallon (16 helpings) of cold brew - ready to serve up right from your fridge!

Entry Level Cost: $49.00



Hi Kickstarter! We're HUDWAY. Since 2013 we’ve been working to help reduce drivers' distraction behind the wheel. Today, having joined efforts with Carrobot company, we're proud to introduce HUDWAY Cast — a one of a kind, break-through solution for stress-free and safer driving.

Entry Level Cost: $179.00