What is Profta?

We provide reviews and ratings for crowd funding campaigns. This can help risk-taking backers feel more at peace and more informed, potentially saving time and money.

We exist to create a better experience with crowdfunding for you. Our process enhances transparency around campaigns and the accuracy of their claims—all so that you can back campaigns with confidence.

Identify Project

We accept requests to review projects of all shapes and sizes, because every project matters.

Review + Rate

Our approach is holistic and fair. Our reviews are uncompromised and direct. Our delivery is clear and concise.

You Back

Back highly rated campaigns with confidence and peace of mind. Cheers to happy crowdfunding.

The State of Crowdfunding

Creators and backers both have revolutionized our world through crowdfunding. Without accountability, crowdfunding runs the risk of being compromised.


Numbers matter.

Since fifty four percent of crowdfunding backers have an annual salary of $50K or less, we believe in stretching every dollar to maximize return.



Identify success.

The number above represents the percentage of successful crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter this year.



Honest evaluation.

Since only thirty five percent of crowdfunding projects were successful this year, there’s a lot to improve.

Why We Rate

If you can’t tell, we care about the crowdfunding arena. Crowdfunding is revolutionary and we intend to help keep it that way through consistent and accurate reviews.

Who We Are

We are you. Likeminded and hopeful. Believing in the power of the next big thing. Identifying every opportunity along the way so that together, we thrive.